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OpenFlow protocol endpoint written in C++
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What it is

The Revised OpenFlow Library (ROFL) helps you adding OpenFlow support to your software to build control applications, controller frameworks and/or datapath elements.

ROFL-common is a C++ library that helps on writing OpenFlow endpoints (OF agents), for controllers, proxy controllers and datapaths.


  • A modern GNU build-system (autoconf, automake, libtool, ...)
  • pkg-config
  • GNU/Linux and libc development headers (linux-libc-dev and libc6-dev package in Debian/Ubuntu systems)
  • GLOG (libgoogle-glog-dev in Debian/Ubuntu systems)
  • [optional] if you want to run automatic tests (make check), libcunit and libcppunit are required (in libcunit1-dev and libcppunit-dev packages in Debian-like systems).
  • [optional] Doxygen to generate the documentation.

How to build

Install the dependencies and run:

sh# ./  
sh# cd build  
sh# ../configure  
sh# make  
sh# make install  

Optionally you can 'make check' for consistency checks.

Optional ../configure parameters

--enable-debug: Compile with debug symbols (-g) and debug output (warning, it may affect performance)  
--enable-verbose: Increase the level of debug (useless without --enable-debug)  
--disable-silent-rules: Enable verbose compilation mode (AM_SILENT_RULES disabled)

Doxygen documentation

Documentation can be compiled via make doc. Documentation is generated in build/doc/ folder

Known issues

  • Certain GCC 4.8.X family versions are buggy and don't properly compile ROFL with -O3 optimizations. Please use GCC 4.8.3 or higher, or another version family.


Some distributions, in particular Red Hat based, do not include by default /usr/local/lib on the search path of ldconfig, not allowing to link against -lrofl and -lrofl_pipeline. In this case, you might have to add /usr/local/lib/ into /etc/ and re-run ldconfig.

More information, documentation and support

You can have a look on:

Documentation can be compiled via make doc. Documentation is generated in build/doc/ folder

For getting support or participate in the discussions, join the mailing list at


(c) Copyright BISDN GmbH 2013

Andreas Koepsel<andreas.koepsel (at)>
Tobias Jungel<tobias.jungel (at)>
Marc Sune<marc.sune (at)>
Victor Alvarez<victor.alvarez (at)>

And others.

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