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OpenFlow protocol endpoint written in C++
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akoepsel devel ext244 for ofdpa (#125)
* cofaction.h => revised cofaction_set_field for EXT-244

* cofaction.h => cofaction_set_field: add support for coxmatch_packet_register according to EXT-244 with zero oxm body
Latest commit 81f6ab0 Oct 24, 2019

What it is

The Revised OpenFlow Library (ROFL) helps you adding OpenFlow support to your software to build control applications, controller frameworks and/or datapath elements.

ROFL-common is a C++ library that helps on writing OpenFlow endpoints (OF agents), for controllers, proxy controllers and datapaths.


  • A modern GNU build-system (autoconf, automake, libtool, ...)
  • pkg-config
  • GNU/Linux and libc development headers (linux-libc-dev and libc6-dev package in Debian/Ubuntu systems)
  • GLOG (libgoogle-glog-dev in Debian/Ubuntu systems)
  • [optional] if you want to run automatic tests (make check), libcunit and libcppunit are required (in libcunit1-dev and libcppunit-dev packages in Debian-like systems).
  • [optional] Doxygen to generate the documentation.

How to build

Install the dependencies and run:

sh# ./  
sh# cd build  
sh# ../configure  
sh# make  
sh# make install  

Optionally you can 'make check' for consistency checks.

Optional ../configure parameters

--enable-debug: Compile with debug symbols (-g) and debug output (warning, it may affect performance)  
--enable-verbose: Increase the level of debug (useless without --enable-debug)  
--disable-silent-rules: Enable verbose compilation mode (AM_SILENT_RULES disabled)

Doxygen documentation

Documentation can be compiled via make doc. Documentation is generated in build/doc/ folder

Known issues

  • Certain GCC 4.8.X family versions are buggy and don't properly compile ROFL with -O3 optimizations. Please use GCC 4.8.3 or higher, or another version family.


Some distributions, in particular Red Hat based, do not include by default /usr/local/lib on the search path of ldconfig, not allowing to link against -lrofl and -lrofl_pipeline. In this case, you might have to add /usr/local/lib/ into /etc/ and re-run ldconfig.

More information, documentation and support

You can have a look on:

Documentation can be compiled via make doc. Documentation is generated in build/doc/ folder

For getting support or participate in the discussions, join the mailing list at


(c) Copyright BISDN GmbH 2013

Andreas Koepsel<andreas.koepsel (at)>
Tobias Jungel<tobias.jungel (at)>
Marc Sune<marc.sune (at)>
Victor Alvarez<victor.alvarez (at)>

And others.

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