OpenFlow library set - Collection of libraries to build OpenFlow controllers and switches, written in C/C++. Hub repository.

Please note

This project is deprecated and has been replaced by its successor and is kept here as an archive. Please do not use rofl-core for new projects any more.

-- 24.02.2016 --

What it is

The Revised OpenFlow Library (ROFL) helps you adding OpenFlow support to your software to build control applications, controller frameworks and/or datapath elements.

This is a meta-repository that contains all the ROFL libraries. Refer to each library for more details on how to build and install.


To compile the libraries initialize all submodules like:

git submodule update --init --recursive

And for each of them proceed according to their README to install them.

More information, documentation and support

For getting support or participate in the discussions, join the mailing list at


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Andreas Koepsel
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Tobias Jungel

And others.