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The collected advice of The Cognicast

Advice given by guests of The Cognicast. See also Twitter list of Cognicast guests.

Ep. 139 Craig Andera

Generic: Don't put that in your mouth.

On a more serious note: Don't do stupid things.

(defn stupid? ^:heuristic [sth]
  "Doing sth that you could have known was a bad idea.")

Don't do things you'll [truly] regret.

Ep. 138 Russ Olsen

Think about the story of your life, that you are telling yourself in your head and take control of it.

TODO: Ep. 107 to Ep. 137

Ep. 106 Michael Nygard

Everyone listening should learn how to read a company's balance sheet and its cash flow statement. Not just understand what the lines are, but be able to understand what they mean behind it and what you can interpret about a company by looking at those things.

Ep. 105 David Bock

Revisit your sources of knowledge and look at them in the new context that you have in your career as your career evolves. You can't step into the same river twice. You read that book again and you're going to get new things out of it. You're going to realize things that were revolutionary in that book, how they've come to pass and be common standard things.

Ep. 104 Russ Olsen

My advice is if you're in some position of decision-making and you're thinking about trying this remote thing, or maybe you're thinking about trying to talk people in your company into trying the remote thing. My advice is, yes, please do try it because, again, you go from everyone who is willing to drive to your office to essentially everyone you can legally employ. I think that if you're not doing that, maybe your competitors are going to get a clue at some point.

Ep. 103 Rich Hickey

Make sure that you consider spec to be a suite of small, composable tools. Like I said before, I'm not sure it would be evident to anyone that getting some data that's in the shape of code into something that's more map like is just a matter of calling conform on it with the spec. You need to look at the pieces of spec as very small utilities you can bring to bear in a variety of different circumstances.

Ep. 102 Bruce Hauman

We're all human. Take it easy on yourself. If you feel like a clenched fist or stress just creeping into your shoulders, there's no way it's going to make you produce better work. I say that as an absolute. I guess, for some people, it really works. It doesn't work for me, and it appears to be very destructive for a lot of people I see and know. So, just take it easy on yourself. For people who already are, that's great.

Ep. 101 Luke VanderHart

You should all go donate to my Kickstarter campaign.

Ep. 100 The people of Cognitect

Rich: We can stop being so focused on ourselves. I think programmers are inordinately focused on their own convenience, culture, and various other things. We are such navel gazers, and we are not looking around at the world. We're primarily working for ourselves, making libraries for ourselves, making editors and tools for ourselves, talking to ourselves about ourselves. We should definitely turn away from ourselves much more often than we do.

Jenn H: Find something enjoyable about every stage of life because they go by really quickly. It just has always stuck with me because there is certainly something to complain about with every stage of life. And, if that's all you focus on, then you're missing it.

Mike: Every human being has intrinsic worth. Every person should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of the extent that you agree or disagree with them. Everybody has got the same core humanity to them, and I think it's incumbent on all of us, whatever our beliefs, to treat that with respect and dignity.


Advice by the guests of The Cognicast



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