A linear Horn clause solver for non-linear Horn clauses.
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LHornSolver uses an abstraction-refinement algorithm for solving non-linear Horn clauses using only a linear Horn clause solver.


LHornSolver is written in Ciao and is interfaced with Yices SMT solver and Parma polyhedra library for handling constraints. LHornSolver uses several reusable components such as linear Horn clause solver, dimension bounded program generator, Horn clause linearisers etc.


Ciao 1.16 or newer (installed from git repository with ./ciao-boot.sh local-install)

Build and installation

You can automatically fetch, build, and install LHornSolver using:

ciao get github.com/bishoksan/LHornSolver

The following dependendencies (including third-party code) will be installed automatically:

  1. Ciao bindings for Parma Polyhedra Library (ciao get ciao_ppl)
  2. Ciao bindings for Yices SMT solver (ciao get github.com/jfmc/ciao_yices)
  3. Partial evaluator Logen (install the Ciao port with ciao get github.com/jfmc/logen).

All code will be downloaded and built under the first directory specified in the CIAOPATH environment variable or ~/.ciao by default.

For developing it is recommended to define your own workspace directory and clone this repository. E.g., export CIAOPATH=~/ciao and update your PATH with eval "$(ciao-env)". The dependencies can be cloned manually or fetched automatically by calling ciao fetch at the source directory.


Usage: lhornsolver <input file containing a set of Horn clauses>

Input: a set of (non)-linear Horn clauses written using Prolog notation: e.g. h(X):- C, b1(X1),...,bn(Xn).

Output: solved | unsolved | unknown if the clauses are solvable | unsolvable | unknown.

Generate a standalone binary distribution

  1. mkdir dist; cd dist
  2. ciaoc_sdyn ../src/lhornsolver

This creates a platform specific binary lhornsolver at dist/ directory, together with the collection of shared libraries for the dependencies. Note: you may need to include a standalone copy of logen binary and related files.

Programs and benchmarks for TPLP paper "Tree dimension in verification of constrained Horn clauses"

The programs are in directory TPLP-Alg1 and are run using a shell script. There is a short file README.txt in that directory giving instructions for use. The benchmarks used in that paper are found in directory bench-tplp17-kdim.