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[Reference] Official Bismuth Crypto-currency FAQs
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Bismuth How-to

Official how tos and base info for Bismuth Crypto Currency.
Wallet, mining, nodes and such.

Initiated by EggPool. Now maintained by the Bismuth Foundation.

This is work in progress, your feedback is most welcome. Open issues to propose a subject.


Details for operating on individual exchanges.


Background info about Bismuth usage, community.


Learn about Hypernodes and their role in the Bismuth ecosystem. Installation, upgrades, migration.


Installation guides for Bismuth, which is written in Python, so it can be run from any Python environment regardless of the operating system. Binaries for some systems are also available.


Learn how to let your GPU generate Bismuth for you, details about pools.


Whether you want to start running Bismuth or are facing issues, this section is for you.


Downloading too many blocks using a node can take a long time, this method will make it much faster.


Excited about helping test new Bismuth feature? Join the testnet today.

Under the Hood

Further info for the techies, academics and developers.


Official wallet usage and FAQ.

More Info


This content is published under the MIT licence.
In a Nutshell: You can do anything you want with it, as long as you credit the source (This repo, EggPool, Bismuth Foundation)

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