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A Python/HTML Wallet based upon the Tornado framework.

First stable release, still work ongoing, but useable and nice looking!

First stable version 0.1.19

Goal is to re-use the existing python code for behind the scene heavy lifting, but leverage HTML/JS flexibility for GUI.

First release has following features

  • manage wallets (several addresses)
  • auto connect to an available wallet server
  • check balance and transactions
  • request BIS payments
  • Send simple BIS transactions
  • network status
  • encrypt and decrypt off chain messages
  • spend protection
  • support for crystals (plugins, like dApps running in the wallet)

Installation from release

See Release tab for info/installer and OS Specific FAQ.

Installation from source

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Pycryptodomex is used and may need extra install on your machine.

An auto-installer will be provided with first beta version.


You may have to install xcode compiler:

xcode-select --install

then pip3 install -r requirements.txt



then pip3 install -r requirements.txt


If you have no wallet yet, you'll be redirected to the wallet load page.

Possible command line switches:

  • --verbose --debug
  • --theme=themes/material Force a specific theme
  • --server=ip:port Force a specific wallet server (like

See the FAQ:

Wallet(s) location

Wallets and other potential private info are to be stored under a "bismuth-private" dir, under the user's own home directory.

The wallet prints that dir at start.
You should also find it on the wallet/load page:


  • Proof of concept (check)
  • Basic wallet functionality (check)
  • Auth (check)
  • Multiwallet (check)
  • Plugins (check: See crystals)
  • Allinone mobile app with embedded browser and python engine

The tech

  • Tornado web app
  • Templates / HTML Themes
  • JS
  • Embedded local webserver


Thanks to a great community effort, the wallet is available in several languages, see for list and credits.

Localized help

Help file / User guide is a WIP, see locale/en/