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Bisq Network Documentation

AsciiDoc sources for the docs hosted at

New Contributors

Bisq's decentralized governance structure makes documentation especially important. If you're interested in contributing:

  • Take a look at existing docs to get a feel for the general approach to format, tone, and detail
  • Look through our Contributor's Checklist for a background on how we work and conventions (e.g., proper git commit messages)
  • Correspond with existing contributors on Keybase to discuss your ideas or determine where help is most needed


To build locally, run ./gradlew build (gradlew.bat build --project-cache-dir=../cache on Windows) and then open build/asciidoc/html5/index.html in your browser.


Commits pushed to the master branch of this repository are automatically built and deployed via Netlify at (permission required).

Writing Tips

  • Keep the Asciidoctor user manual handy as a reference when editing.
  • Install the Asciidoctor.js Live Preview Chrome extension for instant in-browser rendering of .adoc files. This avoids the need to run gradle build and then refresh your browser to see the results of your changes.
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