@ManfredKarrer ManfredKarrer released this Jul 17, 2016 · 5190 commits to master since this release

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A newer version is already available! Please don't use this version anymore.

Release notes 0.4.9:

  • Added EtherClassic, USD Tether, EUR Tether, JPY Tether, Lisk, DigixDAO Tokens, Worldcoin, FlorinCoin
  • Support for Tor bridges
  • Use embedded font to have same layout in all OS versions
  • Add number of offers info to offer book view
  • Add logos for market price providers
  • Limit nr. of Bitcoin network peers at re-connect after connection loss
  • Increase default tx fee for withdrawal to 0.0002 BTC
  • Persist selected currency in market screen and offer book screens
  • Add export to csv feature for trade and tx history
  • Add export and import payment accounts feature
  • Add holder name at confirmation popups for trades using bank account
  • Show Nr. of trades at peer icon
  • Show peer info on mouse click on icon
  • Add editable tag to peer
  • Add Insight block explorer
  • Use different busy indicator with much lower cpu load than JavaFX ProgressIndicator
  • Add check for arm cpu architecture
  • Add 80 byte support for OP_RETURN in BitcoinJ fork
  • Add program arguments for maxConnection, log level, custom seed nodes and ignore developers messages/alerts
  • Increase check offer availability and trade protocol timeout
  • Add check for arbitrator and trade price tolerance at offer availability check
  • Add display of fiat or altcoin amount in contract window
  • Add copy icon for onion addresses textfields in offer/trade/contract windows
  • Add nr. of bid and ask offer to statistics table
  • Restrict max market price deviation to 20%
  • Display 2 decimal places for percentage price
  • Show nr. of offers and total btc amount in spreads view
  • Add busy indicator when entering wallet password
  • Fix bug with missing available balance update
  • Fixed JavaFX bug with SortedList (offer book)
  • Fixed bug with dangling trades and disputes
  • Fixed bug with cases of missing complete state at trades when users are offline

Url of the signing key (Manfred Karrer): https://bitsquare.io/pubkey/F379A1C6.asc

This version is backward compatible back to version 0.4.2.

If you have problems starting Bitsquare on Debian use: /opt/Bitsquare/Bitsquare

Arch Linux: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/PKGBUILD?h=bitsquare-git