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A newer version is already available! Please don't use this version anymore.

This release adds Faster Payments, a new payment method for the UK as well as improvements with existing payment methods. It comes also with an important bugfix, so please update as soon as possible.

Release notes

  • Added new altcoins: Opal, Synereo
  • Fixed bug with invalid offer ID causing wrong balance display and duplicate trade statistic items
  • Added new payment method: Faster payments
  • Add support for other currencies than countries default currency at bank accounts and cash deposit
  • Add support for EUR for PerfectMoney
  • Add "Extra requirements" field to Cash deposit form
  • Add copy icons to data fields in Cash Deposit, ClearXchange and US Postal Money Order
  • Add Nr. of disputes and onion address display to dispute table and details popup
  • Add dispute result reasons: "No response" and "Protocol violation"
  • Change warning popup if create offer button pressed with no account for selected currency in offer book views
  • Revert decrease of Nr. of peers to send message at broadcast
  • Decrease interval for sending keep alive messages
  • Delay result handler for mailbox message storage

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