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A newer version is already available! Please don't use this version anymore.

With this update we increase the transaction (mining) fee and the security deposit.
This will avoid problems that transactions needs longer to get confirmed in periods when the backlog of unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain is very high.
Offers from this version and offers from older versions are not compatible.
You cannot take an offer which was created with version or earlier, as well a user with an old version cannot take an offer which was created with version
It is highly recommended to remove your offers before you update to that version.
When you update you get forced to remove your old offers (or shut down the app).
You can update even if you have a trade open (if the offer was created with an older version we use the old tx fee and security deposit for that trade).

Beside that important change we improved the Tor handling for BitcoinJ (supports now DNS lookup over Tor and connection to Bitcoin full nodes running as hidden service).

Release notes

  • Changed trade transaction fee from 0.0002 BTC to 0.0005 BTC
  • Change protocol version for offers to support higher transaction fee
  • Change Create-Offer-Fee from 0.0005 BTC to 0.0008 BTC (includes the 0.0005 tx fee, so the net fee to the arbitrator is same as before -> 0.0003 BTC)
  • Increase security deposit from 0.01 BTC to 0.03 BTC
  • Add LTBcoin, Fermat (IOP), Swarm City Token (SWT), AquariusCoin, Byte, Nevacoin, PIVX, Xaurum, Safe FileSystem Coin (SFSC)
  • Support for Bitcoin nodes running as hidden services
  • DNS lookup over Tor
  • Connect to local Bitcoin Core node if it is running (ignore use Tor flag)
  • Add program argument: socks5DiscoverMode
  • Export Wallet data (keys) feature
  • Show percentage in spreads table
  • Add input validation for Norwegian bank account
  • Fix bank account from for Chile and Norwegian
  • Add Georgia, Botswana
  • Add new blockexplores: SoChain, Bitaps
  • Added check for ZEC addresses (only t addresses are permitted) and info popup for ZEC and ZXC
  • Added input validation for altocin addresses: IOP, PIVX, GBYTE
  • Added input validation for IBAN, BIC, email
  • Rename Cash/ATM deposit to Cash deposit
  • Increase max. allowed deviation from market price to 30%
  • Don't show error popup for exception on Linux after screen resolution change or return from monitor standby
  • Use more randomized prefix for short offer ID, add version as postfix
  • Show arbitrators support tab if arbitrator has revoked but has open disputes
  • Increase offer availability and trade timeouts
  • Update to JDK 8u121
  • Enable again the Apple developer certificate for code signing on OSX

Url of the signing key (Manfred Karrer): https://bitsquare.io/pubkey/F379A1C6.asc

Hint for Debian users:
If you have problems starting Bitsquare on Debian use: /opt/Bitsquare/Bitsquare