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A newer version is already available! Please don’t use this version anymore.

This release enables editing of offers, a long requested feature as well as a lot of UI improvements and WeChat Pay as a new payment method.

Release notes:

  • Add feature for editing offers

Payment methods:

  • Add new payment method: WeChat Pay
  • Add additional nationalAccountId field to enable national bank transfers in Argentina
  • Show Bank ID (BIC/SWIFT) for cash deposit in offer detaisl window and show popup when taking the offer to make sure the taker has a local bank branch in his area
  • Do not allow Sepa account for Revolut SEPA BICs (many banks did nto accept that BIC)


  • Add new altcoins: Pied Piper Coin, 10grans, Angelcoin, Arto, BitZeny, Bitcore, DSTRA, Dinero, Exceed, GeoCoin, Instacash, Koto, Kumacoin, LitecoinExtreme, MFCoin, Madbyte, Mazacoin, NEETCOIN, Phore, Qwark, ROIcoin, Ringo, Semux, Strayacoin, Tamadcoin, Ubiq, WorldMobileCoin, Xuez


  • Improve UI at create offer screen
  • Improve UI at offerbook screen
  • Improve UI at markets screen
  • Add trader icon to offer book
  • Adds information/warning icon for market based price input field
  • Add monospace font support and optimize alignment for number columns
  • Add number of open offers to currency filter popups
  • Improve info during trade process
  • Use auto focus on the first input field on all screens
  • Support quick access to top nav items with Alt 1–9 keyboard shortcuts
  • Make arbitration chat messages selectable
  • Fix bug with sorting in spread view


  • Migrate build from Maven to Gradle
  • Break up project in several sub projects
  • Extract asset (altcoins) handling to own project

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