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Persona verification module
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Persona Verification Module

This worker module can verify a user's login information through the Mozilla Persona protocol.


This module requires an internet connection so that it can connect to the Mozilla Persona verifier at


The module name is vertx-mod-persona.


The Persona module requires the following configuration:

    "address": <address>,
    "audience": <your server hostname>

Let's take a look at each field in turn:

  • address The main address for the busmod. Every busmod has a main address. Defaults to persona.verify.
  • audience Host name of your server. Defaults to http://localhost:8080.

For example, to verify logins to your server:

    "audience": ""



Verify a user's login information using the verifier API.

Useful links:

In Step 3 of the Quick Setup, the site will generate an 'assertion' and POST it to the REST endpoint /auth/login. This endpoint needs to be caught and routed to a handler that can pull the assertion from the 'form-attributes' data. Then a JSON message can be sent over the event bus to the module address (persona.verify) to perform Step 4.

The JSON message has the following structure:

    "assertion": <string>

If the assertion was verified successfully, the following reply will be returned:

    "status": "ok",
    "audience": <your server hostname>,
    "expires": <time that the token expires>,
    "issuer": "",
    "email": <user's verified email address>

An example response (from the integration test):

    "status": "ok",
    "audience": "http://localhost:8080",
    "expires": 1379313971000,
    "issuer": "",
    "email": ""


  • status The verification status. Can be either ok or error.
  • audience The configured audience
  • expires The date when the token should be refreshed (about a couple minutes). Until then it can be cached and assumed valid.
  • issuer The entity that verified the email address
  • email The user's verified email address. This may be stored in the application side as the user id.

If the assertion could not be verified, the following reply will be returned:

    "status": "error",
    "message": <string>

If the user was previously logged in, but fails verification on a refresh you must have a mechanism to log the user out and have them log back in through Persona.

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