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* FEATURE: Available in maven central repositories.
* FEATURE: Added support for Yammer and Evernote ( thanks oparrsih )
* FIX: Fixed bug that preventing setting the scope param on Google Api
* FEATURE: Added setConnectTimeout and setReadTimeout for the Request Object
* FIX: Fixed Evernote Api (uses GET for request and access tokens)
* REFACTOR: URLEncoding stuff. LinkedIn specific decoder is no longer needed
* FEATURE: Added Google example
* FEATURE: Token made Serializable
* FIX: Google Api encoding issues (thanks @roger and @klakegg)
* FEATURE: OAuth 2.0 Support and Facebook support out of the box (thanks Diego Silveira)
* REFACTOR: Api creation and OAuthService refactors
* REFACTOR: Connections are created lazily (just before sending the request)
* FIX: Removed isEmpty() from OAuth2.0 code in order to support older JVMs
* FEATURE: Overloaded provider() method to support instances as well as classes (thanks dustismo)
* FIX: White-space parameter bug (thanks Krogoth)
* FEATURE: OAuth 2.0 now implements server-flow (thanks Diego Silveira)
* FIX: Fixed ugly bug that made 1.1.1 practically unusable (thanks Stubbs)
* FEATURE: Added rawResponse to Token, for extracting additional parameters (thanks Dirk McCormick)
* FEATURE: Added Dropbox Api
* FIX: Token responses now work despite of the token/secret order
* FEATURE: Added Foursquare OAuth 2.0 Api (thanks Tom Tasche)
* FEATURE: Added support for OAuth1.0a signatures via querystring parameters
* FEATURE: Added ConstantContact Api (thanks Matthew Laudato)
* REFACTOR: Moved scope inside OAuthConfig (breaks backwards compatibility)
* FEATURE: Added scopes to Facebook 2.0 Api
* FEATURE: Added Plaintext signature for Yammer
* FEATURE: Added Twitter SSL endpoints (use TwitterApi.SSL.class)
* FEATURE: Added custom charset support to Request (thanks Eric Genet)
* FEATURE: Added support for Vkontakte (thanks dotbg)
* FEATURE: Added Sohu Weibo, Netease Weibo & Sina Weibo Apis (thanks Arthur Wang)
* FEATURE: Added support for persistent Http Connections (thanks Craig Minton)
* FIX: Added support for JDK 1.5. Issue #146 (thanks Sripathi Krishnan)
* FIX: Invalid character constant error message. Issue #137 (thanks Scott Scoble)
* FEATURE: Added a Api class to handle windows live authentication. Issue #135 (thanks Tomas Lin)
* FEATURE: Added refresh token feature for Yahoo! API. Issue #134 (thanks Aaron Foltz)
* FEATURE: Added support for Plurk API. Issue #130 (thanks Chia-Wei Li)
* FIX: Request.setConnectTimeout() and setReadTimeout() throw NPE. Issue #123 (thanks thepizzle)
* FEATURE: Added default Content-Type header
* FEATURE: Sapo Api
* FEATURE: Plurk Mobile Api
* FEATURE: Kaixin and QWeibo Apis
* FEATURE: SimpleGeo Api
* FEATURE: Multiple parameters with the same name supported.
* FEAUTRE: 'debug' mode that logs useful information about the signature making
* FEATURE: NetProspex Api
* FEATURE: Kaixin2, SinaWeibo2 and Renren Apis
* FEATURE: ImgUr Api
* FEATURE: Freelancer Api (thanks Juan Palacios!)