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Development continues at the Bit Badger Solutions Git Repository.


About myPrayerJournal

Journaling has a long history; it helps people remember what happened, and the act of writing helps people think about what happened and process it. A prayer journal is not a new concept; it helps you keep track of the requests for which you've prayed, you can use it to pray over things repeatedly, and you can write the result when the answer comes (or it was "no").

myPrayerJournal was borne of out of a personal desire Daniel had to have something that would help him with his prayer life. When it's time to pray, it's not really time to use an app, so the design goal here is to keep it simple and unobtrusive. It will also help eliminate some of the downsides to a paper prayer journal, like not remembering whether you've prayed for a request, or running out of room to write another update on one.

Further Reading

The documentation for the site is at

Thanks to JetBrains for licensing their awesome toolset to this project.

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