MTML Completions is autocompletions of Movable Type for Sublime Text 2.
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About MTML Completions

MTML Completion is an add-on program package for Sublime Text 2. This complements Movable Type Template Tags when you use Sublime Text 2.
This package includes some tags of DynamicMTML plugin.


With Package Control

  • Bring up the Command Palette (Command+Shift+p on OS X, Control+Shift+p on Linux/Windows).
  • Select "Package Control: Install Package" .
  • Select "MTML Completions" when the list appears.

With Git

Please clone into your Sublime Text 2 package directory.

cd /path/to/your/Sublime Text 2/Packages
git clone


You can change the format of Template Tags.


no setting => <mt:EntryTitle />
"mtml_prefix": "MT:" => <MT:EntryTitle />
"mtml_prefix": "MT"  => <MTEntryTitle />


no setting => <mt:EntryTitle />
"mtml_function_tag_type": "dollar" => <$mt:EntryTitle$>
"mtml_function_tag_type": "none" => <mt:EntryTitle>


You can use this feature when you input "<" in html or php file. When you set extension as ".mtml" or ".tmpl" , please change Syntax as html.

For modifier, you run "Edit > Show Completions [cntrol + space]" when you input a space and a few calactors.



  • [B] : Block Tag
  • [F] : Function Tag
  • [C] : Conditional Tag

Modifier Example

Ctrl + Space

  • [M] : Modifier

Movable Type is a registered trademark of Six Apart, the Ltd.