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SpecificCategory Movable Type Plugin

This is a Movable Type Plugin that provide MTSpecificCategory/MTSpecificFolder Block Tag. MTSpecificCategory/MTSpecificFolder Tag sets a context of specific category/folder.


  Do something. You can use any category tags.


Do something. You can use any folder tags.



The ID of category/folder.

If you set the id, other modifiers are ignored.


The ID of blog.

When you use MTSpecificCategory/MTSpecificFolder tag in website context, you must set the blog_id modifier. If you use MTSpecificCategory/MTSpecificFolder tag without setting the blog_id modifier in blog context, it is automatically set a ID of blog of the current context.


The name of category/folder.

Multiple categories/folders with the same name can be differentiated using their parent category/folder names to be more explicit:

<SpecificCategory label="Plugins/MTAppjQuery/Feature">

<SpecificCategory label="Plugins/SpecificCategory/Feature">

basename (Only Static Publishing)

The basename of category/folder.

MT::Lover::bit part