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HBaseXplorer is java desktop application for managing and exploring HBase database.

The origion url:

Now,This is support by

add feature:save the last cluster zookeeper set.
add the row info view
fix charector show,default set utf-8,so will show all of the string.
add a table row count.
add log to debug


MIT License (see LICENSE)


- Get current release
- Unpack to any folder
- Execute jar “java -jar bin/HBaseXPlorer.jar”
Mac OS X system supports – double click jar file
Windows – please double click HBaseXplorer.bat
Linux – Pleae run


  • Multiple HBase connections,remember last connection
  • Single/Multi row preview
  • Can preview any size tables
  • Create,Read,Update,Delete of columns (Only String represented data)
  • Filter rows
  • Run query:create/drop/enable/disable table

Use Netbeans 7.0 to build project