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Watch Twitter Unfollowers

A small project I made to see who unfollowed me on Twitter.

  • checks if there are any unfollowers every 60 seconds and stores the stats in a persistent Python dictionary called twitter_stats.db
  • serves the results from localhost:5000

Follow all the steps below in order.

Cloning the repository

  1. Clone the repo clone
  2. Go to the directory cd watch-twitter-unfollowers

Installing Requirements

  1. Run sudo pip install -r requirements

Setting Up the Application and Getting an Access Token From Twitter

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Create an app (if you already have one skip to step 3)
  3. Open your apps page
  4. Create an access token (if you already have an access token skip to step 5)
  5. Go to wherever you've cloned the repo from your console
  6. Open and fill the keys and tokens you've just got from Twitter
  7. Rename to mv


  1. Run in the background python &
  2. Run the web server python
  3. Open your web browser and go to localhost:5000