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Importers are an experimental feature of libsass. They allow to manipulate the way how @import works.


The import source string must be in SCSS syntax. SASS syntax is not supported yet!

In jsass importers must implement the io.bit3.jsass.importer.Importer interface.

.. literalinclude:: examples/
   :language: java

Then register the object instance to the options.

options.getImporters().add(new MyImporter());

Thats all! From now on, each @import will be passed through your custom importer.

Skip importer

If you importer should be skipped, just return null.

Skip import

Sometimes you may want to omit an @import directive. In this case, return an empty list.

Import a file

Importing a file is one of the basic ways to import a source. Fill the Import#importUri with the relative file name and the Import#absoluteUri with the absolute file path, leave everything else empty. libsass will search the file in the path and import it.

Import fileImport = new Import(
        new URI("import.scss"),
        new File("public/assets/import.scss").toURI()

Import a string

Importing a string is as simple as importing a file. Just add the string contents to the import.

String contents = ".hello { content: 'Hello world'! }";

Import fileImport = new Import(
        new URI("import.scss"),
        new File("public/assets/import.scss").toURI(),