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Bit6 Cordova Demo App

Demo for Bit6 Cordova Plugin. Users can make voice/video calls and send messages.



Clone this repo.

$ git clone git://


  1. Edit config.xml to set your app id (iOS APNs requires unique bundle id).

  2. Specify your Bit6 API Key in www/js/index.js

{'apikey': 'yourApiKey'}
  1. Add Bit6 Plugin
$ cordova plugin add
  1. For voice/video call support add iosrtc for iOS and Crosswalk Webview plugin for Android < 5. See this section

  2. Add the platforms you want to support

$ cordova platform add ios
$ cordova platform add android
$ cordova platform add browser
  1. Set iOS signing configuration

  2. Configure push notification support.

  3. Fix WebView overlap on iOS (optional)

# Add StatusBar plugin
$ cordova plugin add

Running the app

# Run on iOS device
$ cordova run ios --device
# Run on Android device
$ cordova run android --device
# Run in a browser
$ cordova run browser