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Sample Apps

The sample apps are made as simple as possible to demonstrate the use of the Bit6 SDK. The interface is therefore minimalistic and only includes the essential elements.

You will be able to send text, photo, video, voice messages, location, make audio and video calls between the two users and make outgoing phone calls. For the ultimate experience you need to upload the APNS certificate.

Bit6FullDemo-ObjC and Bit6FullDemo-Swift

You will be able to send text, photo, video, voice messages, and location between the two users. You can also make and receive calls.

To see the sample app in action, you will need to create two users:

  • Open the Bit6 sample app
  • Tap 'Sign up' to create a new user or 'Login' to login with an existing user.
  • Type a username and a password, then 'Done'

####To start a conversation:

  1. Tap the '+' button in the upper right corner
  2. Type the destination user

####To send a text message:

  1. Tap the "compose" button in the lower right corner
  2. Type your message and tap "send"

####To send an attachment:

  1. Tap the "+" button in the lower left corner
  2. Choose between the options available: Take Photo/Video, Select Image/Video, Record Audio, Send Current Location
  • You can see the attachment in full size by tapping the thumbnail image. If the attachment is an audio/video file it will start playing, if it is a location it will be opened in the Maps app.

####To make an audio/video call to another user:

  1. Enter to a conversation
  2. Tap phone button to make an "Audio call" or "Video call".
  3. During the call you will be able to mute the call or use the speaker.

####To answer/decline a call:

  • If call is received while using the app, a prompt will be shown.
  • If call is received while the app is not in use, a notification will be shown. You can see the answer/decline actions if you swipe down the notification on the home screen or swipe left on the lock screen.


This demo show how to make a data call to transfer images to another user using the app as follows:

  1. Open the Bit6 sample app
  2. Enter your credentials to login or sign up, or choose Anonymous to perform an authentication without user+password.
  3. Enter the user to call in the "destination" field and press 'Connect'
  4. After the destination answer the call you can start an image transfer by tapping the 'camera' button and select a picture. You will see the progress of the transfer in the screen and the image will appear once the transfer is completed.