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ng2-combox is an angular2 combobox / dropdown component, which handles remote or local data to display the list.

It is minimal styled and provides parameters for custom classes.

It can be used as a simple select box or as a typeahead / autocomplete field.


npm i ng2-combobox

import {ComboBoxModule} from 'ng2-combobox';
import {ComboBoxComponent} from 'ng2-combobox';

<combo-box [listData]="types" [displayField]="'name'" [valueField]="'value'" [(ngModel)]="model.type"> </combo-box>

Parameters / Inputs

displayField: string;
name of the field in the selected data object which should be displayed. (e.g. data.items or data)

valueField: string;
name of the field in the selected data object which should be considered as value of the field. (e.g. data.items or data) if not set the whole object is the value of the field.

listData: Observable<Object[]> | Object[]
data used for selection list.

remote: boolean = false;
true if you want to use remote data.

clearOnSelect: boolean = false;
true if you want to clear field if a list item was selected.

forceSelection: boolean = true;
true if an item has to be selected.

localFilter: boolean = false;
true if local data should be filtered during typing.

localFilterCaseSensitive: boolean = true;
true if local data filtering should be case sensitive.

typeAheadDelay: number = 500;
delay before triggering search.

inputClass: string = 'form-control';
class to apply to the inner input field

inputPlaceholder: string = ''; value of the placeholder attribute of the inner input field

loadingIconClass: string = 'loader';
class to apply to the loading icon element

triggerIconClass: string = 'trigger';
class to apply to the loading icon element

dataRoot: string = ''; root element for list data (only first level at the moment)

disabledField: string = ''; member of data object which marks object as disabled (sets class and prevent selection)

noMatchesText: string = ''; text to appear when the input text does not match any item of the selection list.

Events / Outputs

onQuery: EventEmitter<string>();
fires during typing has to be handles to refresh remote data from backend

onSelect: EventEmitter<string>();
fires if an item from list is selected

onCreate: EventEmitter<string>();
fires if selection is triggered for an element which is not is the list (only when forceSelection = false)

onBlur: EventEmitter<any>();
fires when field blurs

onInitValue: EventEmitter<string>();
fires when the initial value has been set

Thank you


Thank you BrowserStack for prodiving us with the infrastructure needed to test ng2-combobox.


ng2-combobox is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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