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BTCAPI Server is a server platform for working with Bitcoin blockchain and the network. This project is free and open source and can be used to build various services, both non-commercial and commercial, without any legal restrictions.

BTCAPI can be used as a backend for wallets, block explorers, payment processing and analytical platforms.

You can run BTCAPI as a self-hosted solution, or use a third-party public host.

Software is still under development, first release will be soon!



chapter will be added soon ...

API Modules

  • Transaction store and provide information about all bitcoin transactions
  • Merkle proof store and provide cryptographic proofs of the existence of a transactions in a blocks
  • Transaction history store and provide historical transactions data for addresses
  • Address state store and provide state of addresses
  • Address timeline store and provide addresses state changes over time by transaction, day and month
  • Blockchain analytica store and provide blockchain analytic
  • Mempool analytica store and provide unconfirmed transactions set analytic
  • Transaction fee analytica store and provide transactions fee estimation data
  • Nodes discovery discover and provide list of available bitcoin nodes
  • Market data fetch and provide markets data
  • Deterministic wallet store and provide HD wallets state and historical data
  • Payment forwarding engine for payments forwarding service
  • Hot wallet engine for wallet service


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