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Arduino library with LCD, Keyboard and SPI Flash support for the SMART Response XE classroom communicator
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Larry's SMART Response XE support library

1) LCD initialization (4-gray levels) and support to draw 4 sizes of characters and outline+filled rectangles
2) Functions to erase/write/read the external 128K byte SPI FLASH memory
3) Fast GPIO access with simplified pin numbering (e.g. PORTD bit3 = pin 0xD3)
4) Scan the keyboard and return pressed keys translated with the shift/sym keys

1) Download the library:
2) (In the Arduino IDE) Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library > select the downloaded file > Open

Getting Started:
The first thing to do is initialize and clear the LCD. The pin numbers for the SRXE are:
  // CS, D/C, RESET
  SRXEInit(0xe7, 0xd6, 0xa2); // initialize display
Next, you can draw some text or rectangles. The color can be 0-3 (0=off, 3=fully on)
  SRXEWriteString(0,120,"Hello World!", FONT_LARGE, 3, 0); // draw large black text at x=0,y=120, fg=3, bg=0
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