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A simple C library (Linux + Arduino) for drawing text and graphics on SSD1306/SH1106 OLED displays
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** OLED_96 **

OLED_96 is a simple C library for working with SSD1306/SH1106 OLED displays when connected to the I2C bus. Tested on various ARM SBCs and Arduinos. The idea is to provide a simple interface for C programmers to make use of those low-cost OLED displays without having to read the data sheet or figure out I2C programming.

Written by Larry Bank
Project started 1/15/2017

Latest Changes:
The Linux version now supports the 3 display sizes
The Arduino version now includes support for my BitBang_I2C library so that any
two GPIO pins can be used to drive the display.
The library now supports 3 sizes of SSD1306 displays (and SH1106): 132x64, 128x64, 128x32, and 64x32


  • Efficient individual pixel drawing
  • Small, Medium and large fonts (6x8, 8x8, 16x32)
  • Invert and flip 180 options (entire display)
  • Optional inverted text
  • Brightness control
  • Support for 64x32, 128x32, 128x64 and 132x64 (SH1106) displays
  • Line draw function

*NEW* Display a Windows BMP (Arduino version).
This code was added to make it simpler to display a full screen logo bitmap by just copying a 1-bpp Windows BMP into the flash memory and calling 1 function.

If you find this code useful, please consider buying me a cup of coffee


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