Sample applications and test scripts
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Bitbar Samples

Repository for Bitbar sample applications and test scripts.

  • appium/sample-scripts/ - directory contains examples to interact with your Bitbar account for running test written with different languages (Python, Java, Ruby and CSharp).

  • apps/ - directory contains sample applications that you can start testing with if you don't have your own.

  • calabash/ - directory examples for test framework.

  • ios/ios-test-skeleton/ - contains js test framework Jasmine example for testing (older) iOS versions.

  • xcode/ - contains a sample XCTest and links for building the application .ipa and packaging the tests.

  • robot-framework/ - directory contains example for Robot Framework test framework.

  • espresso-sample/ - sample Android app to demonstrate Espresso testing framework, based on BitbarSampleApp from apps directory.

  • detox/ - contains sample project to demonstrate Detox test framework.

  • docker/jenkins/ - contains a sample Dockerfile for creating your own Jenkins instance with the Bitbar plugin, to help you build your first CI pipeline to our cloud


See the LICENSE file.