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This folder contains a sample Appium server side test case for Android and iOS environments. To read more about server and client Appium runs in Bitbar Cloud, check our online documentation from

Folder Content

This folder contains the following files:

  • and are the actual test files written in Python. The test execution uses Python's unittest framework for test execution.

  • requirements.txt lists the required Python packagesthat need to be installed for the test to be executable, eg. AppiumPythonClient.

  • and are environment specific Bash shell scripts that need to be renamed to so it will be executed by Bitbar Cloud when the test is started on some device. Depending on environment you are testing, you'll need to use the iOS or Android version of this script.

  • is a script that packages the test files into a zip file. The output of this file needs to be uploaded to your server side test run. You need to provide parameter ios or android depending which environment you want to use.