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Python client for Testdroid Cloud APIv2


For Linux installation you need Python dev package.

Ubuntu sudo apt-get install python-dev

Command line

Install it with: sudo pip install testdroid

Upgrade it with: sudo pip install testdroid --upgrade


testdroid --help

Note that you can set TESTDROID_USERNAME, TESTDROID_PASSWORD and TESTDROID_URL environment variables.


You can use this class as a command line utility or import it to your own code.

There are two methods of authentication, email and password or api key. The prefered approach is using api key as in examle below.


>>> from testdroid import Testdroid
>>> testdroid = Testdroid(apikey="<your api key>")
>>> testdroid.get_test_run(1233, 12345)
{u'displayName': u'Test Run 1', u'logZipState': u'BLANK', u'screenshotZipState': u'BLANK', u'projectId': 12340, u'number': 1, u'successRatio': 0.814815, u'createTime': 1393595647000, u'executionRatio': 1.0, u'state': u'FINISHED', u'startedByDisplayName': u'John Doe', u'id': 10} 


0.1.9 works with Testdroid Cloud 2.4.

From Python API client 2.5 the versions match with Testdroid API versions.

Developing and testing

Set up sandbox

virtualenv myenv && source myenv/bin/activate

Build example

python setup.py clean && python setup.py sdist && pip install -U dist/testdroid-<latest version>.tar.gz




If you see Pillow error messages on Linux you are most likely missing python-dev, see dependencies.


  1. Fork the repository and clone it locally.
  2. Create a branch from Bitbar devel branch for your edits.
  3. Commit and push to your own branch in Github
  4. Open pull request for your changes for Bitbar devel branch.