How to use Gradle plugin with devices on cloud
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LICENSE TD-9459 update README Nov 29, 2017

Gradle plugin to deploys apks to Testdroid's online devices

A typical project build.gradle will look like this:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath ''
        classpath 'com.testdroid:gradle:2.49.0'

apply plugin: 'android'
apply plugin: 'testdroid'

android {

testdroid {
    username ''
    password 'testdroid'
    deviceGroup 'My Devices'
    mode "FULL_RUN"

With above configuration your application and instrumentation package are uploaded into Testdroid and test run is launched using device from group 'My Devices'

To launch test run from command line use testdroidUpload task:

./gradlew testdroidUpload

You can fully control your testrun using the same configurations options which are available via Testdroid web UI.

Below is listed all the supported configurations parameters:

testdroid {
    username  "demo@localhost" //required by default or authorization "OAUTH2"
    password "password" //required by default or authorization "OAUTH2"

    authorization "OAUTH2" //optional "APIKEY"|"OAUTH2"(default)

    apiKey "d409cad93079b6c6cd55b79e927b17i5" //required if authorization "APIKEY"

    deviceGroup "test group"

    cloudUrl = ''  //optional - default live
    projectName "Project 1"  //optional - default: create a new project
    mode "FULL_RUN" //FULL_RUN / APP_CRAWLER / UI_AUTOMATOR - deprecated, mode is set based on project type
    testRunName "Custom test run name" //optional - default: build variant name

    deviceLanguageCode "en-US"    //optional - locale <ISO 63>_<ISO 3166> default: en-US

    hookUrl "http://localhost:9080"   //optional - call back URL after test run has finished default: empty

    scheduler "PARALLEL" // optional - PARALLEL or SERIAL default: PARALLEL

    testScreenshotDir = "/sdcard/abc"  //optional - custom screenshot folder  default: /sdcard/test-screenshots

    useSystemProxySettings true //optional - Use system proxy settings  default: true

    // AppCrawler configuration - set application credentials
        applicationPassword = "appPassword2"
        applicationUserName = "appUsername2"

    // optional - Custom settings for test execution
    fullRunConfig {
        instrumentationRunner =  "" //use for Espresso2 tests
        withAnnotation = ""
        withOutAnnotation = ""
        limitationType = "CLASS"
        limitationValue = ""
        instrumentationAPKPath = "/tmp/mytesti.apk" //optional - custom instrumentation apk path

    uiAutomatorTestConfig {
        uiAutomatorTestClasses = "foo.class"
        uiAutomatorJarPath = "tmp/uitests.jar"