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Bitbar Appium Sample

The capabilities has been set to run tests for Bitbar Sample Android app. Before running tests modify Tests.cs and replace TESTDROID_USERNAME and TESTDROID_PASSWORD with your user credentials. Set the SCREENSHOT_FOLDER to an existing directory on your system.

Note: Instead of using testdroid_username and testdroid_password desired capabilities to identify to Bitbar Cloud you should rather use testdroid_apiKey. Your personal apiKey is found in under 'My account'.


Launch the AppiumTest.sln on Visual Studio and make sure that NUnit Test Adapter is installed through the Extension Manager. Use Test Explorer to run the test.


Download dependencies

nuget install Test123/packages.config -OutputDirectory packages

Build Test Package


Run tests

nunit-console Test123/bin/Debug/TestdroidAndroidSample.dll

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