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FuzzBALL is a symbolic execution tool for x86 (and a little ARM) binary code, based on the BitBlaze Vine library. (The name comes from the phrase "FUZZing Binaries with A Little Language", where "fuzzing" is a common application of symbolic execution to bug-finding, and the "little language" refers to the Vine intermediate language that FuzzBALL uses for execution. Also "fuzzball" is a common nickname for a small kitten, and FuzzBALL was intended to be simpler and lighter-weight than some other symbolic execution tools.)

At a high level, there are two kinds of code you can run FuzzBALL on. First, there is any code that can execute stand-alone, without the services of an OS or special hardware devices; this can include a subset of code from a larger program that does need those things. Second, there are single-threaded Linux programs, which FuzzBALL can run by passing their system calls onto your real OS.

FuzzBALL is free software distributed under the GNU GPL: see the files LICENSE and COPYING for details.

Compilation instructions are in the file INSTALL.

The README file includes some more detailed description of FuzzBALL and some tutorial-style examples.

FuzzBALL's page on the Berkeley web site, at

has links to some papers that build on FuzzBALL.

We are interested in your comments, questions, and feedback about FuzzBALL via the bitblaze-users mailing list (hosted by Google Groups):


FuzzBALL: Vine-based Binary Symbolic Execution




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