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Welcome to the facyBox wiki!

It’s so simple to use that people are satisfied with the help in

But if you need any help, fell free to edit this page asking for it and I’ll answer. :)

Its good to use facybox. But is there any option to provide the width and height of the facybox i.e. If my content is very long then facybox height cross the browser’s boundary. And also is there any option to position the facybox on screen ?

Subject: Ajax form inside facyBox – how to attach click event handler?
Hello, I am just starting to use facyBox and so far it is looking great. I have a problem now though that I wonder if you would be able to help with:

In my facyBox I am showing an ajax form that is contained in an on-page div. On ready, I wish to attach my submit function click event handler. However, it seems that I cannot do this as the div that holds the form has display:none set.

I have tried to put the code to attach the click event binding inside the afterReveal.facybox handler but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions?

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