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Hospital bag

This is a complete list of things we had in our hospital bag for the birth of our baby:

For the birth

  • Referral letter of the gynecologist
  • identity cards
  • health insurance card
  • "Mutterpass", German medical paperwork for pregnant women
  • acknowledgement of paternity for the father
  • birth certificates of the mother
  • nursing pillow
  • power cables to charge the phones
  • something to drink
  • massage oil
  • lots of change for the vending machines
  • comfortable clothes
  • snacks, lots of them
  • bluetooth speaker for some music
  • slippers, usually they won't allow you to wander around in your street shoes.

You may wonder why there is so much paperwork on this list. Most hospitals allow you to register the birth of your baby. If you don't do that at the hospital, you have to go to an office of the city a couple of days after the birth. During the first couple of days at home you usually try to avoid going out.

After the birth

If you are lucky you might get a family room where you and your partner can sleep together for a couple of days. Pack for both.

  • laptop (for entertainment the days after the birth)
  • towel and washcloth (the hospital is not a hotel)
  • all things you need to clean yourself
  • flip flops for the shower
  • enough clothes for 3-4 days
  • nursing bras and pads

For the baby

The baby will be dressed by the hospital, but you usually need something to bring the baby home in.

  • carry-seat or something else to transport the baby
  • at least one set of clothing for the baby
  • one blanket