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Highlights whitespace at the end of lines, only in modifiable buffers
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bad-whitespace - Highlights whitespace at the end of lines

Author:  Bit Connor <>
Version: 0.3

Get the latest version at:

Inspired by the trailing-whitespace script:

Additional References:

About ~

This plugin highlights whitespace at the end of lines with a red color.

You can erase the bad whitespace with the command |EraseBadWhitespace|

You can manually toggle the highlighting for the current buffer with the
commands |ShowBadWhitespace| |HideBadWhitespace| |ToggleBadWhitespace|

This plugin is better than using the builtin vim 'list' command because it
doesn't show an annoying highlight while you are typing in insert mode at the
end of a line.

This plugin is better than competing plugins because it doesn't show
highlighting in buffers that are not modifiable, which is usually what you
want. This makes it compatible with UI buffers that happen to contain bad
whitespace, such as the quickfix window, or the fugitive plugin.
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