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New in 0.8 - ????
* Add support for Bitcoin Core up to v11.x in.
* Fix bug during upgrade to schema Abe30: add_keep_scriptsig.
* Fix bug affecting /rawtx.
* Add /unspent/ADDR|ADDR|... similar to
* Add support for MySQL binary types (also became default on newly-created databases).
* Add --rescan option.
* Add abe_loader tool to watch for and load new blocks.
* Add support for loading blocks using Bitcoin RPC
* Import unconfirmed transactions via RPC to bitcoind.
* Try to reconnect on stale db connection at transaction boundary.
* Crude SVG hash rate chart via nethash?format=svg.
* Increase maximum script length.
* Add /q/addressbalance.
* Don't mistake SQL syntax errors for idle timeouts.
* Try to get better error information after failure to read configvar.
* Doubled b58encode speed.
* Fix division-by-zero for truly zero-premine chains such as Doubloons.
* Support 32-byte pubkeys.
* Fix int-type detection for SQLite.
* Add Abe.admin CLI.
* Merge bitcointools upstream changes.
* Add --no-load option (webserver-only/skip load after --upgrade).
* Bug fix: KeyError: 'unlinked_count' in import_block.
* Fix string index out of range doing catch_up.
* Fix performance issue displaying large pages (page content returned as string, causing WSGIref to iterate over it).
* Support limited functionality without a database.
* Add Abe.abe --query option (cli for /q/COMMAND).
* Refactored external chains as independent objects.
* Add support for many external chains.
* Don't crash on page-not-found or chain-not-found.
* Fix block short links.
* Support P2SH and multisig addresses.
* Avoid crash on empty/short pubkey.
* Try reconnecting to database after disconnect.
* Fix SQLite large integers overflow.
* calculate_target: Return values closer to Bitcoin client.
* New options for external chains: --list-policies and --show-policy.
* Namecoin: don't crash on merge-mined block.
* Fix Abe always defaulting to NO_CLOB when creating database.
* Use ORDER BY instead of MAX() to get last block (Much faster at least on MySQL/TukuDB).
* Disable resolving of http client IP addresses which could slow down or hang Abe when client (proxy) is remote.
* Fix binary-type and int-type parameters being ignored in favor of auto-detection
* Fix issue where Crypto.Hash.RIPEMD was never being used (was using hashlib's workaround only)
New in 0.7.2 - 2012-12-06
* Fixed bug affecting chains containing duplicate coinbase transactions.
New in 0.7.1 - 2012-10-29
* Fixed bug affecting database upgrade.
New in 0.7 - 2012-10-23
* Tell search engines not to crawl the whole chain.
* Raw transaction output in JSON format.
* Prevent denial of service via huge address history.
* Optional short addresses resembling Firstbits.
* Option to omit signature scripts for 20% space reduction.
* HTTP API function: getdifficulty.
* Work around failure to quit on Ctrl-C with SQLite.
* Report line number of errors in config file.
* Fixed bugs that cause wrong statistics when blocks arrive out of order.
* Minor fixes and updates.
New in 0.6 - 2011-08-31
* Python packaging; moved; run as "python -m Abe.abe".
* Big speed improvements (c. 10x) for MySQL and SQLite.
* ODBC tested successfully.
* IBM DB2 tested successfully.
* HTTP API functions: getreceivedbyaddress getsentbyaddress.
* Verify transaction Merkle roots on block import.
* Show Namecoin-style network fees and name transaction outputs.
* Adjust coins outstanding and coin-days destroyed for Namecoin-style
network fees.
* Native SolidCoin support.
* Suppress display of empty chains on home page.
* Show the search form on /chain/CHAIN pages.
* Many minor improvements; see the Git log.
New in 0.5 - 2011-08-16
* Big speed improvement for address history and transaction pages.
* Big load time improvement for SQLite: below 10 hours for the BTC
* MySQL supported.
* Oracle supported, but slow due to lack of transparent bind variable
use in cx_Oracle.
* BBE-compatible HTTP API functions: nethash totalbc addresstohash
hashtoaddress hashpubkey checkaddress
* New HTTP API functions: translate_address decode_address
* Online list of API functions (/q).
* Native BeerTokens currency support.
* Many minor improvements; see the Git log.
New in 0.4.1 - 2011-08-16
* Security enhancement: refer to orphan blocks by hash, not height.
* Fixed bugs affecting new chains defined via the configuration.
* Warn, do not exit, if a block file is missing or unparsable.
* Abe parses the new merged-mining block field, CAuxPow.
* Decrement the value returned by getblockcount for compatibility.
* Bug fix: remove '-' from parenthesized amounts.
* Fixed previous/next block links on /chain/CHAIN/b/NUMBER pages.
* Accept "var += val" in configuration as equivalent to "var = val"
where "var" has not been defined.
* Added --commit-bytes option to adjust the database commit interval.
* Minor robustness and cosmetic improvements.
Major changes from 0.3 to 0.4 (2011-07-04 to 2011-07-15)
* The chain summary page (the one listing several blocks in the same
chain) loads much faster than before.
* Address search accepts an initial substring, still without storing
addresses in the database.
* FastCGI support has matured. See README-FASTCGI.txt for setup.
* Abe supports Weeds currency natively. Weeds info:
* The "datadir" configuration directive can add a new currency without
changes to Python code.
* "auto-agpl" provides a link to download the source directory: a
license compliance aid for those not wishing to use a Github fork.
* /chain/Bitcoin/q/getblockcount: first of (I hope) many
BBE-compatible APIs.
* Several small fixes and speedups.