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PostgreSQL on Debian/Ubuntu.
Run the Bitcoin client to ensure that your copy of the block chain is
up to date.
Choose or create a system account to run Abe. Replace USER with its
username throughout these instructions.
apt-get install python2.7 python-crypto postgresql-8.4 python-psycopg2
sudo -u postgres createdb abe
sudo -u postgres createuser USER
Add the following line to /etc/postgresql/*/main/pg_hba.conf:
local abe USER ident
sudo service postgresql reload
Create file abe-pg.conf with contents:
dbtype psycopg2
connect-args {"database":"abe"}
port 2750
Perform the initial data load:
python -m Abe.abe --config abe-pg.conf --commit-bytes 100000 --no-serve
Look for output such as:
block_tx 1 1
block_tx 2 2
This step may take several days depending on chain size and hardware.
Then run the web server as:
python -m Abe.abe --config abe-pg.conf
You should see:
Listening on http://localhost:2750
Verify the installation by browsing the URL shown.