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Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Interaction scripts
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achow101 Merge #152: Keep Trezor sessions open unless state becomes inconsistent
d00ae56 Don't send Initialize when first connecting to a Trezor (Andrew Chow)

Pull request description:

  When the client is opened, we would send an `Initialize` message. However because a client may end up being opened many times in the process of executing one command, the saved state (in particular cached passphrases) would be lost each time the client is opened due to `Initialize` being sent. In order to have it keep that state, we don't want to send `Initialize` every time. Instead we will send `GetFeatures` which does the other part of what `Initialize` does (get the features for the device). `GetFeatures` failing would indicate that the state is inconsistent (which can be caused by command abort, exceptions, etc.), so in that case, `Initialize` is sent to clear the inconsistent state.

  I tested this using the Trezor T emulator and the password prompt does not appear multiple times per command. Additionally the password prompt does not appear for every command.

  Fixes #151

ACKs for commit d00ae5:

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Latest commit c14896c May 3, 2019

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Interface

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The Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Interface is a Python library and command line tool for interacting with hardware wallets. It provides a standard way for software to work with hardware wallets without needing to implement device specific drivers. Python software can use the provided library (hwilib). Software in other languages can execute the hwi tool.


Python 3 is required. The libraries and udev rules for each device must also be installed. Some libraries will need to be installed

For Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev libudev-dev

For macOS:

brew install libusb

This project uses the Poetry dependency manager. Once HWI's source has been downloaded with git clone, it and its dependencies can be installed via poetry by execting the following in the root source directory:

poetry install

Pip can also be used to install all of the dependencies (in virtualenv or system):

pip3 install hidapi # HID API needed in general
pip3 install ecdsa
pip3 install pyaes
pip3 install typing_extensions
pip3 install mnemonic
pip3 install libusb1


git clone
cd HWI


To use, first enumerate all devices and find the one that you want to use with

./ enumerate

Once the device type and device path is known, issue commands to it like so:

./ -t <type> -d <path> <command> <command args>

Device Support

The below table lists what devices and features are supported for each device.

Please also see docs for additional information about each device.

Feature \ Device Ledger Nano S Trezor One Trezor Model T Digital BitBox KeepKey Coldcard
Support Planned Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Implemented Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
xpub retrieval Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Message Signing Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
Device Setup N/A Yes ? Yes Yes N/A
Device Wipe N/A Yes ? Yes Yes N/A
Device Recovery N/A Yes ? N/A Yes N/A
Device Backup N/A N/A ? Yes N/A Yes
P2PKH Inputs Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
P2SH-P2WPKH Inputs Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
P2WPKH Inputs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
P2SH Multisig Inputs Yes Yes ? Yes Yes N/A
P2SH-P2WSH Multisig Inputs Yes No ? Yes No N/A
P2WSH Multisig Inputs Yes No ? Yes Yes N/A
Bare Multisig Inputs Yes N/A ? Yes N/A N/A
Aribtrary scriptPubKey Inputs Yes N/A ? Yes N/A N/A
Aribtrary redeemScript Inputs Yes N/A ? Yes N/A N/A
Arbitrary witnessScript Inputs Yes N/A ? Yes N/A N/A
Non-wallet inputs Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
Mixed Segwit and Non-Segwit Inputs N/A Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
Display on device screen Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes

Using with Bitcoin Core

See Using Bitcoin Core with Hardware Wallets.


This project is available under the MIT License, Copyright Andrew Chow.

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