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wbnns Merge pull request #2888 from behradkhodayar/patch-2
Changed verbal tense to reflect currently provided consensus sharing from v 0.10.
Latest commit 2c0aa0c Mar 20, 2019
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_data Merge pull request #2888 from behradkhodayar/patch-2 Mar 19, 2019
_includes Added links to BIP64 and BIP159 Mar 6, 2019
_platforms new design for choose your wallet page May 9, 2018
_posts _posts: Add ' Content Now Available in 25+ Languages' Feb 14, 2019
_translations Add BitPay Wallet Feb 19, 2019
_wallets Replaces fees score to checkpassfeecontroloverride Feb 20, 2019
css site: Cache burst CSS/JS/PNG/SVG Jun 7, 2018
docs Update hsts preload list URL Oct 15, 2018
en Update Jan 27, 2019
img Merge pull request #2865 from cmgustavo/add-bitpay-wallet Feb 23, 2019
it/bitcoin-core capacity-increases: Fix broken url Jul 19, 2018
zh_CN/bitcoin-core Bitcoin Core: add banner redirecting some pages to Jan 17, 2016
zh_TW/bitcoin-core Bitcoin Core: add banner redirecting some pages to Jan 17, 2016
.ruby-version Create .ruby-version Mar 14, 2018
.travis.yml Updates bundler before installation in .travis.yml Jul 31, 2017
404.html Group _includes files in subfolders Sep 6, 2015 code_of_conduct: Add missing period Mar 26, 2017 docs: Update Contributing and README strings Mar 1, 2017
Gemfile Fixes wrongly bumped Ruby version Dec 7, 2017
Gemfile.lock Update Nokogiri Jun 19, 2018
Makefile donations: Use SegWit-enabled address Nov 20, 2017
_events.yml Adds pending event. Closes #2881 Mar 17, 2019
andreas_schildbach.asc Add gpg key for Andreas Schildbach (8B877A60). Mar 2, 2013
bitcoin.pdf initial commit Aug 31, 2011
favicon.png temporary link to bitcoin-qt instead of multibit and a few minor fixes Mar 22, 2013
gmaxwell.asc Update my gpg key. Jul 15, 2013
index.html Revert "Merge redesign branch into master (w/ cache-bursting)" Jun 7, 2018
legacy-releases.asc site: Cache burst CSS/JS/PNG/SVG + Redesign Jun 7, 2018
luke-jr.asc Update PGP key for Luke Dashjr (E463A93F5F3117EEDE6C7316BD02942421F48… May 29, 2017
pieterwuille.asc Added my new GnuPG key Oct 31, 2015
robots.txt Prevent site indexing for preview builds Sep 6, 2015
schneider.asc add press-list, renamed all PGP keys to .asc Sep 3, 2011
willbinns.asc willbinns: Add GnuPG key (EB74A404) Jan 1, 2017

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