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# this script is cribbed from Shapeless
# check if coursier exists
# TODO: check version? only new-ish works with latest.version
test -e ~/.coursier/coursier || \
# if not, download latest coursier-cli
(mkdir -p ~/.coursier && curl -L -s --output ~/.coursier/coursier $COURSIER_URL && chmod +x ~/.coursier/coursier)
MSG="Welcome the Bitcoin-S REPL, powered by Ammonite
Check out our documentation and examples at"
IMPORT_STATEMENT="import org.bitcoins.core._; import currency._, \
protocol.blockchain._, number._, crypto._, hd._, protocol.script._, \
protocol.ln, wallet.builder._, protocol.transaction._, \
script._, config._, protocol._ "
# launch Ammonite with bitcoin-s on the classpath
~/.coursier/coursier launch -q -P \
com.lihaoyi:ammonite_2.12.8:1.6.0 \
org.bitcoin-s:bitcoin-s-core_2.12:latest.release \
-M ammonite.Main -- --banner "$MSG" \
--predef-code "$IMPORT_STATEMENT" < /dev/tty
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