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@Christewart Christewart released this 04 Feb 19:04
· 4118 commits to master since this release

v0.5.0 - The release who must not be named

Running Bitcoin-S

If you want to run the standalone server binary, after verifying gpg signatures, you
can unzip and then run it with ./bin/bitcoin-s-server to start the node. You will need to
configure the node properly first, you can find example
configurations here.

You can then unzip the folder and start using the bitcoin-s-cli like this:

./bin/bitcoin-s-cli --help
Usage: bitcoin-s-cli [options] [<cmd>]

  -n, --network <value>    Select the active network.
  --debug                  Print debugging information
  --rpcport <value>        The port to send our rpc request to on the server
  -h, --help               Display this help message and exit

For more information on what commands bitcoin-s-cli supports check the documentation, here is where to

Running the oracle server

If you want to run the standalone oracle server binary, after verifying gpg signatures, you
can unzip and then run it with ./bin/bitcoin-s-oracle-server to start the node. You will need to
configure the node properly first, you can find example
configurations here.

You can then unzip the folder and start using the bitcoin-s-cli like this:

./bin/bitcoin-s-cli --help
Usage: bitcoin-s-cli [options] [<cmd>]

  -n, --network <value>    Select the active network.
  --debug                  Print debugging information
  --rpcport <value>        The port to send our rpc request to on the server
  -h, --help               Display this help message and exit

For more information on what commands bitcoin-s-cli supports check the documentation, here is where to

Verifying signatures

This release is signed with Chris's signing key with
fingerprint 339A49229576050819083EB3F99724872F822910

To do the verification, first hash the executable using sha256sum. You should check that the result is listed in
the SHA256SUMS.asc file next to its file name. After doing that you can use gpg --verify to authenticate the


$ sha256sum
$  gpg --verify SHA256SUMS.asc
gpg: Signature made Thu 04 Feb 2021 12:49:59 PM CST
gpg:                using RSA key 339A49229576050819083EB3F99724872F822910
gpg: Good signature from "Chris Stewart <>" [unknown]
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: 339A 4922 9576 0508 1908  3EB3 F997 2487 2F82 2910



Snapshot releases

BREAKING CHANGES to Configuration Options

It is required that all wallets pre #2217 need to have the configuration

bitcoin-s.wallet.aesPassword = "changeMe"

See issue #2245 for the errors that are thrown when this isn't set.

This password can be changed now with the keymanagerpassphrasechange RPC command.

Multi Wallet Support

Initial support for saving multiple seeds and wallets has been added to Bitcoin-S!
This does not yet allow you to load and use multiple wallets at once, but you can switch between wallets using the
bitcoin-s.wallet.walletName config option.

Module Level Changes

Bitcoind RPC Client

The Bitcoind RPC Client now has support for v0.20 & v0.21!

The Bitcoind RPC Client now has support for using it with a bitcoind that has multiple wallets loaded, this is done by
setting the walletName parameter in the required functions.


940fce4 Fix rescans with bitcoind backend (#2605)

648e7d9 Bitcoind v0.21.0 support (#2414)

3f18ba1 Bitcoind Version from String (#2421)

905491f Fix getPeerInfo for v0.20 (#2402)

e830547 Use PSBT type in bitcoind calls (#2242)

aaf1a81 Bitcoind RPC Multi-wallet support (#2231)

7c887cc Move newer functions to common rpc interface (#2230)

a5621f5 Add bitcoind functions for load and unload wallet (#2229)

ead4eaa Make bitcoind extend chain api (#2087)

206c5a9 Bitcoind v0.20 updated rpcs & tests (#2061)

0b10038 Create initial BitcoindV20RpcClient (#2060)


The ChainHandler has been split up into two different types: ChainHandler and CachedChainHandler.

CachedChainHandler stores in memory the latest block headers and allows for faster syncing.
ChainHandler uses the chain database to access all data, this is necessary for things like the wallet to be able to
point to a single ChainApi and not get outdated data.

Neutrino syncing should be faster after some optimizations.


d159f3e Reduce number of rows selected by best filter header/best filter query (#2617)

1dacb74 Optimize filter sync and fetching filter heights (#2568)

e44a620 Small cleanups on the chain docs (#2515)

4e285e6 Make ChainApi.processHeaders() return a failed future in the case we … (#2436)

9bef444 Rework BlockHeaderDAO.chainTips into two methods: BlockHeaderDAO.{get… (#2443)

40f46d7 Remove BlockHeader.getBlockchainsFrom(), rework type signature for Bl… (#2431)

2de17bb 2020 11 13 issue 2258 (#2260)


New CLI commands have been added such as decodepsbt, getblockheader, and bumpfeecpfp. For a full list of available CLI
commands check the docs.

The Cli module is now published as a library, this should allow other projects to easily interact with a Bitcoin-S server.

The cli is also published using the sbt-native-image plugin. (#2494)


f849ba4 Wallet name in walletinfo (#2603)

94c7154 Add createmultisig cli command (#2495)

fb43748 Version Number in logs & Cli Command (#2467)

2be2df1 Publish Cli as library (#2433)

8479813 Add getblockheader cli command (#2424)

f135322 Bump Fee Cli commands (#2415)

a2b54ee Import Seed cli commands (#2376)

ce9fbb0 Analyze PSBT function (#2240)

c08379b Decode PSBT function (#2237)

c662cf8 Make tx an argument for decoderawtransaction (#2155)

8c4308e Make cli pretty print json (#2130)


Fixed some bugs with PSBT parsing and adding witness scripts.

Initial BIP 155 support for sending and receiving addrv2 messages.

Initial BIP 325 support for interacting with Signet.

Experimental TLV support for DLC messaging, data structures, and algorithms.
These are subject to change and if your project is looking to use them
it is recommended to use nightly builds to stay up to date.


0280707 Make contract info lazy so native image works (#2606)

c4edcb2 Update dlc before release (#2543)

04cc10e Add better Block.toString that doesn't blow up logs (#2585)

810ca7c Create BlockSyncState type (#2567)

aa0a6f9 Bech32 address improvements (#2571)

abc1fdd 2021 01 15 dlc refactors (#2518)

c4650e3 Make allFactories lazy so we don't hit NPE exceptions (#2491)

056702f Add explicit signing version associated with a EventDescriptor (#2487)

223be80 Limit bech32 addresses to segwitv0 (#2471)

141fc54 Modified rounding on DLCPayoutCurve interpolation to match spec (#2470)

aba109d Add attestation verification utility (#2438)

ff60c6e OutcomePayoutPoint now has the correct types and deffers rounding due to extra_precision in serialized points (#2441)

036d714 Made TLV serialization and deserialization uniform under a succinct and expressive API (#2420)

13c4b0d Added length prefixes to contract_info and cet_signatures TLVs (#2419)

719fab2 Remove CompatEither, it was needed for historical purposes to support… (#2394)

378c519 DLC Data Structures on Master Cleanup (#2375)

49a281a Pulled down work from adaptor-dlc onto master (#2339)

49871df Require CJDNS starts with 0xFC (#2356)

3e7fade Add latest ProtocolVersion (#2332)

13443fd Implement BIP 155 addrv2 messages (#2321)

b3d70f5 Fix TLV parsing for non-standard strings (#2312)

0c03aa9 Add function to validate OracleAnnouncementV0TLV's signature (#2308)

28c37cc trivial: Add a sha256 hash field on all TLV (#2300)

b638c68 Move english word list to be represented by a Vector in memory (#2287)

18dfbed Add helper OracleEventTLVV0.maturation method (#2267)

e419422 Update Oracle TLVs (#2185)

7178cb7 Fixed P2SH(Segwit) bug and brought down DLC-used PSBT functionality (#2140)

ddf3905 Only Validate PSBT BIP143 vulnerability on signing (#2204)

02c10fd Pretty Fee Rate toStrings (#2210)

c275a8c Make tx bytes functions lazy vals (#2180)

c5be81d Add address descriptors (#2176)

2e1b4d0 P2SHTxSigComponent constructor now detects witness data (#2169)

7bbc89f Optimize GetHeadersMessage.fromBytes (#2131)

4ac9366 Add BIP45 Multisig Purpose (#2103)

f69678d Allow any HDCoinType (#2097)

fa31609 Enable AddrMessageTest (#2106)

d158f4f Calculate HRP from network param instead of the inverse (#2079)

c231508 Create ExtPrivateKeyHardened (#2073)

856f88f Initial SigNet support (#2057)


ECDSA Adaptor signatures have been added in a basic Java implementation.
These should be used with caution as they are experimental and still being developed.
They are based on the specification located here,
however they do not fully follow the specification and will be updated in the future.

Low R Signing should now use the same algorithm as Bitcoin Core.
Previously our first attempted signature would use different added entropy.


2c2646c Commit add Opt/T fromBytes/fromHex methods similar to StringFactory (#2499)

e944ed0 Bump size of data for AesCryptTest (#2483)

313e9d6 Update secp branch with synced java files (#2448)

70d014f Fixed Low R signing (#2408)

c7e5c63 Brought down ecdsa adaptor signatures implemented in scala from the dlc-crypto branch (#2034)

5bcf3e2 Introduced NFC normalization for strings in CryptoUtil and added String hashing functions (#2102)

Db Commons

Various improvements to initializing and parsing an AppConfig.


c91f81b Fix all DAOs to use safeDatabase (#2556)

0cc85cc Simplify DBConfig Test to fix failures (#2459)

00e6a81 Safely delete files in DBConfigTest (#2451)

6b2237d Fix overrides AppConfig.configOverrides with DLCOracleAppConfig, also remove hardcoded value out of
AppConfig.configOverrides so people have to implement it (#2209)

ca5324c 2020 10 12 issue 2164 (#2173)

1997f22 Refactor db configuration to use the key 'user' rather than 'username' inline with slick documentation (#2184)

56b385a Create fromConfig functions for AppConfigs (#2170)

0e41c29 2020 10 08 issue 2147 (#2153)

da2f323 2020 10 06 explicit classloader (#2148)

475ed19 2020 10 05 redo config (#2121)

4aec33f Move configuration for sqlite into the 'bitcoin-s' key (#2113)

DLC Oracle

The DLC Oracle is a new module in Bitcoin-S!
The DLC Oracle allows you to attest to events and sign their outcomes for DLC participants.

The DLC Oracle can be used to as a standalone module or as an RPC server.
You can check out the documentation to find out more.

This is still in beta and is likely to have some breaking changes in the future. As of this release, it is up to date
with the DLC Spec.


779eefb Rename createevent rpc to createenumevent (#2604)

89e3fc5 Fix oracle cli to use announcements (#2576)

7cce23a Implement OracleAttestmentV0TLV, save outcome to db (#2516)

166440b Update DLC Oracle Signing Algo (#2465)

7ad477f Don't allow negative outcome for unsigned digit decomp events (#2446)

0897ea5 2020 11 17 dlcoracle dbutil (#2272)

4c623a8 Fix listEvents in DLCOracle (#2265)

cc42849 Use New Oracle TLVs in DLCOracle (#2162)

be6a2a2 Add DbManagement tests for Oracle (#2186)

f55e83a Oracle Announcement TLVs (#2149)

bc3c0af Use Llyod's Oracle recommendations on commitment Signature (#2117)

4cc30e1 Don't allow duplcate or 0 outcomes for a DLCOracle (#2120)

fcc6558 Increase DLC Oracle test coverage (#2128)

5d56e95 Add basic DLC Oracle (#2094)

28ed8db Move DLC Oracle module to master (#2083)

Eclair RPC

Eclair RPC is now updated to be compatible with v0.5


d2203f2 Bump Eclair version (#2405)

e38569d Add officially supported version of bitcoind by eclair, also add the ability to specify which version of bitcoind you are using for EclairRpcTestUtil.getBitcoindRpc (#2490)

Fee Provider

Fixed a bug with the BitGo fee provider that occurred during high fee environments.


a08fc0c Fix BitGo fee provider parser (#2381)


The GUI's icon now changes based on the network of the running server. The GUI now will update its balance periodically.


827f0f3 Uniform GUI denominations (#2534)

95935dc Make GUI auto-update balance (#2197)

d2f08fd Add network specific icons for bitcoin-s (#2067)

Key Manager

The password to encrypt a seed as well as a BIP 39 password are both now configurable.
There also exists now the ability to change your seed's password.

The Key Manager now supports the ability to store an ExtPrivateKey
instead of a Mnemonic. This is only used when using the importxprv cli command.


f5dae42 Make KeyManager return better error messages (#2464)

0e9449d Add ability to store ExtPrivateKey instead of Mnemonic (#2372)

bd3584e Mask BIP39 password in the BIP39KeyManager (#2350)

79b3d95 Create KeyManagerAppConfig (#2268)

744d8d1 Add ability to change aes password (#2254)

15bb935 Use same config option for key manager projects (#2252)

42e9cbb Make aesPassword option for wallet config (#2217)

7b72d82 Make BIP 39 password a config option (#2234)


Fixed an issue where the node would not request witness data for blocks.

Fixed an issue with parsing unknown messages.


d608a44 Ignore block messages while syncing (#2587)

ddd47b1 Optimize node.start() and fetching filter & filter header heights (#2554)

7e942ba Add unit test to make sure DataMessageHandler exception doesn't stop node (#2536)

da54d2e 2021 01 11 issue 2493 (#2503)

1ddd7be Recover errors in DataMessageHandler (#2460)

2b94b33 2021 01 02 issue 2457 (#2461)

ecc4532 Remove callbacks param from DataMessageHandler & PeerMessageReceiver (#2476)

238bd02 Request filters after processing (#2463)

9aa4d0f Fail broadcasting transaction when disconnected (#2336)

9a5ba7b Fix P2PClient parsing unknown messages (#2315)

7172b4a Request witness blocks from peers (#2289)

61c1b91 Bump user agent to new version (#2055)


Can now use bitcoind as a backend for your bitcoin-s server.
Checkout the docs on how to set this up.

Fixed issues where the server wasn't always returning correctly formatted json.


db6cd10 Fix bestblockhash rpc call (#2612)

a42601e Fix rpc bind address from config (#2542)

a1a2524 Use mainnet for default server (#2453)

93dae6c 2021 01 09 issue 2496 (#2500)

8e6a37e Remove extra logback files (#2456)

7409bae Remove need for params in RPC request (#2418)

eaecc1c Implement rpcbind to allow for binding to a different interface (#2409)

de5041e Fix server configuration for the app server (#2413)

42c15ba Fix datadir config option (#2271)

5524966 Add directive to configure timeout on the appServer (#2275)

3701281 Have api endpoints return json (#2178)

720932f BitcoindRpcConfig Test (#2181)

9036869 Add test for server startup (#2171)

8577bfd Remove requirement for ZMQ with bitcoind backend (#2137)

30b6e22 Fix NPE and log location on server start up (#2163)

6b98154 Fix npe exception on oracleServer/run (#2160)

593f170 Refactor Mains to use common BitcoinSRunner (#2141)

8048f1e Add DLC Oracle Server Endpoints (#2105)

1052602 Bitcoind backend on server start up (#2088)

c853151 Create Util functions for wallets with a bitcoind backend (#2076)

23d0d7e Create BitcoindRpcAppConfig (#2077)


The testkit now allows you to set any binary location for bitcoind and eclair.


4bf637a Fix 'client1.getDaemon.datadir.exists() was true' (#2544)

d5f162e Fix BitcoindV21RpcClient testkit errors (#2533)

8c918ac Refactor test case to be more idiomatic in hopes this kills CI failures (#2524)

84ce69e Clean up fixture shutdown code a bit to try and see if this resolves … (#2498)

48cb939 Don't allow fee unit gen to be 0 (#2346)

cbd6ea2 Start refactoring testkit to allow for specifying a different binary … (#2325)

8f9f775 Remove hard coded bitcoind version eclair was depending on and switch to latest version of bitcoind (#2324)

c29d95e Make BitcoinSAyncTest more thread safe and make sure we have all the … (#2292)


Multi-Wallet support has been added.

New wallet commands have been added like signpsbt, listreservedutxos, and more.

The wallet now stores its last sync height to allow for chainApis that are ahead of the wallet.

The wallet now defaults to use native segwit (bc1 addresses) instead of legacy addresses.


ee7c962 Add walletinfo rpc (#2546)

cba90e5 Fix rescan to fetch blocks during scan (#2540)

36b5fc1 Create isChange function for wallet (#2535)

f3e81d0 Remove WalletSync.sync() -> WalletSync.syncFullBlocks() (#2522)

b76be73 Rename wallet.getSyncHeight() -> wallet.getSyncDescriptorOpt(). We don't just use height in the descriptor, the hash is just as valuable for connecting to chains (#2479)

1d701c4 Use written txDbs in TransactionProcessing (#2449)

90e2a4b Account for rounding of fee rate in CPFP test (#2423)

92ac986 Add extra checks for RBF transactions (#2416)

89222eb Add wallet function to bump fee with CPFP (#2399)

64a6b6b Add wallet function to bump fee with RBF (#2392)

2db21fc Add get transaction cli command (#2370)

901fb2a Rescan Improvements (#2379)

18755df Multi Wallet support (#2345)

d884f7b Have makeOpReturnCommitment use random UTXO selection (#2320)

641b223 Let wallet sign PSBTs (#2236)

7530a13 Add listreservedutxos cli command (#2247)

6415384 Fee Provider from config (#2219)

49a5813 Add Wallet State Descriptors (#2157)

e2b01e1 Small improvements on FundTransactionHandling (#2143)

f7b97ba Use SubtractFeeFromOutputsFinalizer when sending full utxos (#2072)

b59a17d Add ability to fully spend utxos (#2063)

Website & Documentation

865f1a6 DLC + Adaptor Docs (#2552)

8e799a4 Update website dependencies to address security warnings (#2607)

edf8125 Hide chain api creation (#2569)

9f36250 Add documentation to website for bitcoin-s-cli native image (#2591)

096504b Add enum oracle example (#2601)

61c3b81 Add oracle configuration to example (#2592)

0424bd8 Fix aesPassword config in configuration docs (#2588)

ec65e48 Update Oracle Server docs, fix oracle server bugs (#2581)

d5243ad Add wallet sync documentation (#2565)

7c18083 Remove range event example from website docs (#2575)

10c5418 Updated DLC cli docs (#2551)

74884a5 Clarify -- make distinctions between optional steps … (#2528)

f34f35a Default to native segwit wallet (#2548)

663d94d Add comment about using defaultAccountType (#2549)

4a6c45f Add whitepaper to website (#2547)

4891838 Rescan/Restore wallet docs improvements (#2539)

65919e1 Touch up bitcoind docs (#2514)

1ea4e1b Add download link to navbar & downloads page (#2473)

78e28ba Rename v0.4 version to 0.4.0 in docs (#2478)

4cd3079 Fix docs sidebar (#2466)

3e9b688 KeyManager Docs (#2426)

ef1a3e7 Add doc about no mempool (#2429)

2610a23 Fix broken links in docs (#2439)

732c384 Add to docs we support schnorr (#2428)

3d37d91 Add supported Bips docs (#2427)

c33f88e Add old release notes (#2385)

e522599 Change CI Status to use Github Actions badge (#2364)

7f759ab docs: Logback conf command line docs (#2270)

3314cd3 docs: Add DLC Oracle db conf to docs (#2269)

add6b49 Add release notes directory similar to what bitcoin core does, docume… (#2246)

881d3b0 docs: Oracle Server setup docs (#2187)

25bc977 docs: Clarify there are 2 options for node backend (#2177)

6db248d docs: Fix internal database configuration docs (#2156)

08ac5cc docs: Add Bitcoind Backend Docs (#2136)

0c31a9d Update slack links (#2134)

2882956 docs: DLC Oracle Server (#2125)

ffc42a1 Server installation guide (#2091)

dd272a8 systemd script (#2074)

c857f5e Change versions in readme (#2065)

40db826 docs: Calculate correct hashes in dlc doc (#2059)


72db351 Fix compiler warning (#2609)

2f00b4a Update sbt to 1.4.7 (#2598)

f217296 Update scala-collection-compat to 2.4.1 (#2597)

409373b Update metrics-core to 4.1.17 (#2580)

4a13162 2021 01 27 conectionpool (#2578)

3ebf786 Update website deps (#2573)

23f15df Update sourcecode to 0.2.3 (#2557)

7bb0b10 Update akka-actor, akka-slf4j, akka-stream, ... to 2.6.11 (#2517)

93fea25 Fix native CI workflow for different branches (#2521)

a16018b Update sbt-mdoc to 2.2.16 (#2541)

1903ee3 Update native-lib-loader to 2.3.5 (#2523)

d21657e Update sbt-native-image to 0.3.0 (#2511)

0f84e3d Add new sbt-native-image plugin that helps generate a correct native … (#2494)

0c0e209 Update scalafx to 15.0.1-R21 (#2492)

27e50b2 Update javafx-base, javafx-controls, ... to 16-ea+6 (#2489)

9eb6ec8 Update play-json to 2.9.2 (#2468)

663a951 Update LICENSE year (#2474)

cc2c438 Remove -Xfatal-warnings flag for tests (#2469)

b0b56dd 2020 12 18 enable lint options (#2454)

4e862b7 Move RPC server logic into separate project (#2440)

f7c6fc1 Skip CI tests for docs PRs (#2435)

19c68b7 Update sbt to 1.4.6 (#2434)

528b4e0 Outstanding DLC branch diff (#2432)

41b1c4a Update bcprov-jdk15on to 1.68 (#2422)

b5d6216 Windows Secp Update & fix for parsing Windows paths (#2398)

8ed30e7 2020 12 20 root dependson (#2404)

bc65614 Update scala-collection-compat to 2.3.2 (#2401)

bb4a266 2020 12 19 enable test compileropts (#2400)

719ccbe PoC: Attempt to enable parallel execution on CI now that we have github ac… (#2396)

0f037f3 Remove autoScalaLibrary := false, this was not being used correctly and now is hindering builds on intellij (#2397)

0f56ab2 Update scodec-bits to 1.1.23 (#2391)

307ba23 Update sbt-native-packager to 1.8.0 (#2382)

a080fc6 Update scalacheck to 1.15.2 (#2378)

44d54ff Update sbt-mdoc to 2.2.14 (#2383)

ac37478 Ignore DLCPayoutCurveTest until issue 2369 is resolved (#2388)

c43e78a Move CI into indiviual workflows (#2353)

35025f9 Setup Github Actions (#2319)

4bfcaa2 docs: Fix dependabot warning for highlight.js (#2328)

e6d8a02 docs: Replace Large Range with Digit Decomp (#2331)

a1862cb Bump sbt to 1.4.5 (#2358)

696dce9 Bump ini from 1.3.5 to 1.3.7 in /website (#2349)

f3ce361 Update scalafx to 15.0.1-R20 (#2348)

1e7e847 Update sqlite-jdbc to 3.34.0 (#2347)

afeb992 Update sqlite-jdbc to (#2342)

cec0593 Update scalamock to 5.1.0 (#2327)

92b7944 Bump scalac setting in secp256k1jni.sbt to scala 2.12.12 (#2317)

ebd917b Update sbt-bloop to 1.4.6 (#2316)

5927a2e Update sbt-ci-release to 1.5.5 (#2322)

fd08c98 Update javafx-base, javafx-controls, ... to 16-ea+5 (#2304)

f0d925f Update scopt to 4.0.0 (#2298)

8836ed5 Get Scala 2.13.4 compiling (#2294)

c5c7a42 Update scodec-bits to 1.1.22 (#2296)

b2fe48e Update sbt-mdoc to 2.2.13 (#2291)

d12c857 Update scala-collection-compat to 2.3.1 (#2290)

9d84289 Update scala-collection-compat to 2.3.0 (#2285)

d0e3561 Update sbt to 1.4.4 (#2288)

f22e1b6 Update akka-http, akka-http-testkit to 10.1.13 (#2276)

76d4e36 Update sbt to 1.4.3 (#2266)

ff9119e Update spray-json to 1.3.6 (#2256)

ea23296 Update sbt-mdoc to 2.2.12 (#2253)

35aae03 Update javafx-base, javafx-controls, ... to 16-ea+4 (#2249)

6538a14 Update scalatest to 3.2.3 (#2250)

a6156cd Update scalacheck to 1.15.1 (#2243)

30cd7ed Update sbt-bloop to 1.4.5 (#2241)

497e33c Update scodec-bits to 1.1.21 (#2239)

3ba3ea6 Update sbt-mdoc to 2.2.11 (#2238)

8a14835 2020 11 02 cleanup (#2233)

aca5e82 Exclude sbt keys that unused (are they really unused?) (#2194)

8346010 trivial: Cache new modules for travis (#2190)

02eb3b8 Update sbt-ci-release to 1.5.4 (#2235)

23a143d Update bcprov-jdk15on to 1.67 (#2228)

8d379e3 Update sbt to 1.4.2 (#2232)

ac53a5e Update javafx-base, javafx-controls, ... to 16-ea+3 (#2205)

c4970a3 Update typesafe:config to 1.4.1 (#2212)

a679950 Update sbt to 1.4.1 (#2202)

f75ca45 Update sbt-mdoc to 2.2.10 (#2199)

bc36519 Update postgresql to 42.2.18 (#2195)

7789249 Update sbt to 1.4.0 (#2119)

b0b1f41 Update akka-actor, akka-slf4j, akka-stream, ... to 2.6.10 (#2166)

708b160 Update postgresql to 42.2.17 (#2168)

898a9df Update sbt-native-packager to 1.7.6 (#2172)

14cfa06 Add -Xcheckinit copmiler flag to tests to try and find uninitialized vals (#2165)

c4bb3ac Conslidate DLC tests into existing CI rows rather than having unique … (#2152)

6267512 Make ZMQ Listeners typed (#2144)

6ce7d3d Upgrade to scalac 2.13.3 (#2115)

679691b Add signet db settings (#2068)

2abe5df Update javafx-base, javafx-controls, ... to 16-ea+2 (#2038)

c2bf6dc Update akka-actor, akka-slf4j, akka-stream, ... to 2.6.9 (#1993)