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Programmable VPS platform
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It's not an easy task to setup clean, working, secure and reliable enviroment for your bitcoin app

Bitclouds provides fast, open, account-less cloud platform which solves this problem

Host your bitcoin nodes and apps in enterprise-grade certified datacenter, on a dedicated servers configured with best privacy and security practices in mind.

We configure best open-source tools together and delivering to you ready-to-go solutions

Payments powered by Lightning Network, so you get free instant payment processing with ability to make them completely autonomous

$ curl

{ "images": [ "debian", "centos", "ubuntu", "bitcoind", "lightningd", "vpn", "rootshell" ] }

$ curl

{ "host": "Alya", "paytostart": "lnbc3637390p1pwmepx3pp54n6zwvchgay8sxxzu7323puzqtwc8wqxtjhmngl4f2myvyv90w6sdq8g9k8jcgxqzjccqp2rzjqgzgmxw0f8zd5slh03p5nrmqnkyjlyyxwh8gduecvp5el0ujw7jcxzg6jyqqfdsqqqqqqqlgqqqqqqgq9q4fjezksy4z8tcg3hyfexkqguzcnjhczdqgpp5mzwjqk7fgjf2cspvvns0r29dnzrvh3846rey58d7vjyqrsc5a70mjl4fg2zwamzp6cptva0k2" }

After you paid invoice your VPS will be created within a minute or two

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