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Feature list for MultiBit future.

  • Add email support

  • Add option into installer to have "Normal" and "Portable" installs. (Would also need a similar checkbox in 'Preferences' for Macs as they do not have an installer.

  • Add cross-rate to present in dollars/ euros

Feature list for MultiBit 0.5.x.

MultiBit 0.5.x is the current test version of MultiBit as of Aug 2012. Items included are are:

Feature list for MultiBit 0.4.x.

MultiBit 0.4.x is the current production version of MultiBit. Items included are are:

Feature list for MultiBit 0.3.x.

MultiBit 0.3.x is the next major version of MultiBit that will be worked on in 2012Q1. The proposed feature list is:

Feature list for MultiBit 0.2.x.

MultiBit 0.2.x is the current version of MultiBit (as of end December 2011) and has the following features:

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