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@Danconnolly Danconnolly released this Feb 12, 2019

Bitcoin SV version 0.1.1 Release Notes

Binaries are available from

List of Changes

  • added broadcastdelay configuration parameter. Sets the number of milliseconds
    to wait before relaying transactions. When set, this replaces the random delay.
  • updated DNS seeds to point to Bitcoin SV dedicated seed nodes
  • optimized handling of P2P inventory messages into own threads, increased parallelization of tx propagation
  • increased maxmimum P2P protocol message length
  • set maximum number of items to include in inventory size to be dependent on block size
  • added the Scaling Test Network
    • activate with stn=1 in bitcoin.conf
    • getinfo returns new field, stn=true|false
  • renamed debug.log to bitcoind.log
  • added capability to log source of transactions
  • various other fixes

Scaling Test Network Reset

The Scaling Test Network has been reset to block height 2300 on 31st of January 2019.

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