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Bitcoin Wallet app for your Android device. Standalone Bitcoin node, no centralized backend required.
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Welcome to Bitcoin Wallet, a standalone Bitcoin payment app for your Android device!

This project contains several sub-projects:

  • wallet: The Android app itself. This is probably what you're searching for.
  • market: App description and promo material for the Google Play app store.
  • integration-android: A tiny library for integrating Bitcoin payments into your own Android app (e.g. donations, in-app purchases).
  • sample-integration-android: A minimal example app to demonstrate integration of Bitcoin payments into your Android app.


You'll need git, a Java 8 SDK (or later) and Gradle 4.4 (or later) for this. We'll assume Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) for the package installs, which comes with OpenJDK 8 and Gradle 4.4.1 out of the box.

# first time only
sudo apt install git gradle openjdk-8-jdk

Create a directory for the Android SDK (e.g. android-sdk) and point the ANDROID_HOME variable to it.

Download the Android SDK Tools and unpack it to $ANDROID_HOME/.

Finally, the last preparative step is acquiring the source code. Again in your workspace, use:

# first time only
git clone -b master bitcoin-wallet
cd bitcoin-wallet


You can build all sub-projects in all flavors at once using Gradle:

# each time
gradle clean build

For details about building the wallet see the specific README.


You can install the app from the app store of your choice:

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