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Send tip change notification from invalidateblock

This change is needed to prevent sync_blocks timeouts in the mempool_reorg
test after the sync_blocks update in the upcoming commit
"[qa] Change sync_blocks to pick smarter maxheight".

This change was initially suggested by Suhas Daftuar <>
in #8680 (comment)

Github-Pull: #9196
Rebased-From: 67c6326
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1 parent 6f7841c commit 0c09d9f00e39c4b1aee0fcb091fba068845b8edd @ryanofsky ryanofsky committed with luke-jr Oct 25, 2016
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  1. +1 −0 src/main.cpp
@@ -3176,6 +3176,7 @@ bool InvalidateBlock(CValidationState& state, const CChainParams& chainparams, C
mempool.removeForReorg(pcoinsTip, chainActive.Tip()->nHeight + 1, STANDARD_LOCKTIME_VERIFY_FLAGS);
+ uiInterface.NotifyBlockTip(IsInitialBlockDownload(), pindex->pprev);
return true;

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