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Merge #8280: Tests: Increase sync_blocks() timeouts in

36f1b9d Tests: Increase sync_blocks() timeouts in (Suhas Daftuar)
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MarcoFalke committed Jul 4, 2016
2 parents da50997 + 36f1b9d commit 115735d547fdeade822f547eb3e8c8f9961a9b07
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@@ -151,14 +151,14 @@ def reorg_test(self):
print("Reconnect nodes")
connect_nodes(self.nodes[0], 1)
connect_nodes(self.nodes[2], 1)
sync_blocks(self.nodes[0:3], timeout=120)
print("Verify height on node 2:",self.nodes[2].getblockcount())
print("Usage possibly still high bc of stale blocks in block files:", calc_usage(self.prunedir))
print("Mine 220 more blocks so we have requisite history (some blocks will be big and cause pruning of previous chain)")
self.nodes[0].generate(220) #node 0 has many large tx's in its mempool from the disconnects
sync_blocks(self.nodes[0:3], timeout=300)
usage = calc_usage(self.prunedir)
print("Usage should be below target:", usage)

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