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Merge pull request #7092

392d3c5 build: Set osx permissions in the dmg to make Gatekeeper happy (Cory Fields)
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laanwj committed Nov 25, 2015
2 parents 26af1ac + 392d3c5 commit 348b281f8a672e02c066b452793f22231010fac1
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@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ $(APP_DIST_DIR)/Applications:
$(APP_DIST_EXTRAS): $(APP_DIST_DIR)/$(OSX_APP)/Contents/MacOS/Bitcoin-Qt

$(GENISOIMAGE) -no-cache-inodes -D -l -probe -V "Bitcoin-Core" -no-pad -r -apple -o $@ dist
$(GENISOIMAGE) -no-cache-inodes -D -l -probe -V "Bitcoin-Core" -no-pad -r -dir-mode 0755 -apple -o $@ dist

$(APP_DIST_DIR)/.background/$(OSX_BACKGROUND_IMAGE): contrib/macdeploy/$(OSX_BACKGROUND_IMAGE)
$(MKDIR_P) $(@D)

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