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Merge #7604: build: Remove spurious dollar sign. Fixes #7189.

3d19193 Remove spurious dollar sign. Fixes #7189. (Chris Moore)
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laanwj committed Feb 29, 2016
2 parents f398191 + 3d19193 commit 354b03dee188d35dd932d514b186dcb9171ddaf7
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dnl qt version is set to 'auto' and the preferred version wasn't found. Now try the other.
if test x$have_qt = xno && test x$bitcoin_qt_want_version = xauto; then
if test x$auto_priority_version = x$qt5; then
if test x$auto_priority_version = xqt5; then
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([QT], [$qt4_modules], [QT_INCLUDES="$QT_CFLAGS"; have_qt=yes; QT_LIB_PREFIX=Qt; bitcoin_qt_got_major_vers=4], [have_qt=no])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([QT], [$qt5_modules], [QT_INCLUDES="$QT_CFLAGS"; have_qt=yes; QT_LIB_PREFIX=Qt5; bitcoin_qt_got_major_vers=5], [have_qt=no])

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