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Merge #8177: developer notes: updates for C++11

654a211 developer notes: updates for C++11 (Kaz Wesley)
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laanwj committed Jun 10, 2016
2 parents ac8d041 + 654a211 commit 67db011e12596b44fdf5e4c6033514f189abf0ce
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@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ General C++
the `.h` to the `.cpp` should not result in build errors
- Use the RAII (Resource Acquisition Is Initialization) paradigm where possible. For example by using
`scoped_pointer` for allocations in a function.
`unique_ptr` for allocations in a function.
- *Rationale*: This avoids memory and resource leaks, and ensures exception safety
@@ -284,10 +284,9 @@ C++ data structures
- *Rationale*: Behavior is undefined. In C++ parlor this means "may reformat
the universe", in practice this has resulted in at least one hard-to-debug crash bug
- Watch out for vector out-of-bounds exceptions. `&vch[0]` is illegal for an
empty vector, `&vch[vch.size()]` is always illegal. Use `begin_ptr(vch)` and
`end_ptr(vch)` to get the begin and end pointer instead (defined in
- Watch out for out-of-bounds vector access. `&vch[vch.size()]` is illegal,
including `&vch[0]` for an empty vector. Use `` and ` +
vch.size()` instead.
- Vector bounds checking is only enabled in debug mode. Do not rely on it

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