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Merge #7974: More comments on the design of AttemptToEvictConnection.

d90351f More comments on the design of AttemptToEvictConnection. (Gregory Maxwell)
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laanwj committed May 4, 2016
2 parents fc23fee + d90351f commit 8206835cc173e4145634ed660fe2e0e44bd05bc9
Showing with 11 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +11 −2 src/net.cpp
@@ -877,6 +877,14 @@ class CompareNetGroupKeyed

/** Try to find a connection to evict when the node is full.
* Extreme care must be taken to avoid opening the node to attacker
* triggered network partitioning.
* The strategy used here is to protect a small number of peers
* for each of several distinct characteristics which are difficult
* to forge. In order to partition a node the attacker must be
* simultaneously better at all of them than honest peers.
static bool AttemptToEvictConnection(bool fPreferNewConnection) {
std::vector<CNodeRef> vEvictionCandidates;
@@ -905,15 +913,15 @@ static bool AttemptToEvictConnection(bool fPreferNewConnection) {

if (vEvictionCandidates.empty()) return false;

// Protect the 8 nodes with the best ping times.
// Protect the 8 nodes with the lowest minimum ping time.
// An attacker cannot manipulate this metric without physically moving nodes closer to the target.
std::sort(vEvictionCandidates.begin(), vEvictionCandidates.end(), ReverseCompareNodeMinPingTime);
vEvictionCandidates.erase(vEvictionCandidates.end() - std::min(8, static_cast<int>(vEvictionCandidates.size())), vEvictionCandidates.end());

if (vEvictionCandidates.empty()) return false;

// Protect the half of the remaining nodes which have been connected the longest.
// This replicates the existing implicit behavior.
// This replicates the non-eviction implicit behavior, and precludes attacks that start later.
std::sort(vEvictionCandidates.begin(), vEvictionCandidates.end(), ReverseCompareNodeTimeConnected);
vEvictionCandidates.erase(vEvictionCandidates.end() - static_cast<int>(vEvictionCandidates.size() / 2), vEvictionCandidates.end());

@@ -941,6 +949,7 @@ static bool AttemptToEvictConnection(bool fPreferNewConnection) {
vEvictionCandidates = mapAddrCounts[naMostConnections];

// Do not disconnect peers if there is only one unprotected connection from their network group.
// This step excessively favors netgroup diversity, and should be removed once more protective criteria are established.
if (vEvictionCandidates.size() <= 1)
// unless we prefer the new connection (for whitelisted peers)
if (!fPreferNewConnection)

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